Friday, December 31, 2010

Favorite Things... day 4.

Day four, posted on day five, but hey- That makes day five on the first day of the new year... kinda exciting huh?
Speaking of exciting.  Remember my nap yesterday afternoon?   I of course could not go to sleep at my regular 11pm ish time.  Turns out it was a good thing! Other wise I would have had to get up out of a warm cozy bed at 3am when I had to help Ryan put the cows back in.  I was awake and sitting in the living room when I heard them.  Walking on the porch.  An hour later, I was back in bed. Tired now, and ready to sleep.  I woke up at 10:30am today, just in time for Elizabeth to bring me breakfast in bed.  Dutch babies with sautéed apples.  woo hoo!

In any case!  Favorite thing day four is.....

My New Sewing Room!!

I have a huge list of projects, and first on my list? A bag.
(a new one for me, huh?) 

I've been wanting to make a bag for all those "reusable" grocery bags I've collected.  I hardly get around to reusing them, and that kind of defeats the purpose.  I decided that if I had a cute bag to carry them in, it would make all the difference.

The "organized mess" in my pantry.

I have this great World Food Program bag from Brook that I love, but the zipper broke, not as easy to take as it once was.
I found a pattern on the internet, and decided to give it a try.

The first one (on the right) was a little small, so I add 2" to the pattern, and made the one on the left.  It's still a little small for what I wanted to use it for, but I do not have enough of this fabric to make a third, larger one.

While I figure out how to get this bag just the right size, and go to the local Quilt Shop annual sale, let's have a giveaway!

If you would like to win one of the above bags, or one "the perfect" size, OR, one of the Amy Butler "Birdie Swing Bag" seen below,  or here,

Just leave a comment telling me what is on your project list for 2011?
Winners will get to choose their own fabric from my collection!
I'll draw the winner in one week!

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islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

hmmm....I thought I had a million things on my project list, and now my mind is blank. I will get back to you on that.

Texas Cousin said... Best Blogger Tips

My project list huh? Maybe to actually blog once in a while on a semi regular basis. Or to visit with my favorite cousin!

FROG PRINCESS said... Best Blogger Tips

well first on my project list is to paint the dining room. i have said that for three years but now i am finally going to do it! i am also going to make a "thing" to arround the dog cage so when they have babies it keeps the heat in for them. those are two of my projects!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Well the first project is moving and decorating the main floor of my new house. Then there is turning the finished basement into my Martha Stewart craft room and lastly starting and finishing all the craft projects I have bought! Pandora

Jangle said... Best Blogger Tips

My project list is rather long...
Finish our headboard, Redo the master bedroom, Update the hall bath, organize, de-clutter the entire house, talk hubby into new windows and interior doors...think that should do it for awhile. :)

Mikki said... Best Blogger Tips

We WILL re-do our upstairs bathroom and master bedroom.....we will!

Hilary said... Best Blogger Tips

I just love all the give aways! My project list is big for 2011 but one of the main ones is to give Carter a boy room since he is 4 and get rid of the girl room! Yep he still has that girl room! LOL!
And also to get my scrap book up to date! Wanna come over?!?!

Kimberly and Elizabeth said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG, that is my Amy Butler bag!!!! Made by you, used by me all summer long! Fabulous!

On my project list is our ongoing project of restoring our very old home. This year, continue painting, refinish/lay cherry hardwood downstairs, finish tin ceilings, move a few doors, re-do laundy room...the usual home restoration projects!


Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

I like favorite things week!

Project list...get my damned leg better. In the meantime, I need to sew an outfit for my niece's birthday. After that, it's sewing a few summer outfits for the girls.

ladypoulin said... Best Blogger Tips

On my project list is a baby blanket for my friends shower Jan 15th. I probably should get started, since I hardly know how to sew!!

I believe I own a swing bag, it is done in an Asian print. My sister had a friend make it for my birthday. I love it!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I would say that on my project list i have down....wait for it..... alphabetizing my spices!!! Hahaha just kidding!!! Right now i dont have a list but come summer i will.

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