Saturday, October 30, 2010

Flower Girl Envy

Last Saturday we were invited to two weddings.  I know right?  We have not been invited to a wedding in a long time, and then, two in one day.  At the same time. And the bride's? Both "Lindseys".  weird.  In typical fashion for us, we only took photos at one of the weddings.

Isabelle and her friend, Grace.  They were in LOVE with the flower girls. This wedding had two. And, oh my, they could not stop talking about them.  Touching them.  I'm pretty sure it was better than Disney World.
Everything was so beautiful.  They had the reception in a round barn the owners recently restored.  She had lots of white lights, burlap, wine colored roses, mums greenery.  Very original and fit the couple perfectly.  Sorry about the half-eaten food plates, but her center pieces were so unique, and beautiful, I had to share.  The thank you gifts on the tables were little banana breads wrapped up in burlap.  LOVE!
The dancing machine.  Jackson had so much fun!!  It was the best entertainment our family has had in a long time.  The kids were on the dance floor from the moment the music started until we dragged them off.  We had the best time watching them!  The next morning at church, when we walking in, you could hear music playing, and Jackson said: "Dance?"  so cute.

As for today, we are making more applesauce and getting ready to trick or treat tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Break

Last Friday, was fall break for Elizabeth and William. In my never-ending quest to be a good mom, I decided that we needed to do something "fun".  After having their pictures taken at Portraits by Kimberly, we picked up a few grocery's at Walmart, grabbed some lunch at Mcd's, and met some friends at the park.

Jackson and Isaac were so funny on the slide. Neither wanted to go down by themselves, but you should have seen their smiles!!  Jackson would say: "han, han, houwd han."

Elizabeth and Grace, resting!
The little girls loved this pole.  (hopefully the novelty wears off before they need money for college)

Jackson ran from toy to toy, and as you can see from the photos, so did William.  Faster than I can run.
It was a perfect day, a perfect fall break!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

One of the Most Stressful Things...

I have the kids pictures taken at least once a year at a professional photographers.  Not because I cannot get a decent photo on my own, because I cannot afford the blood pressure medication it would take to get me through a session with these kids:

I used to take the kids to a department store every year for Christmas photos.  It was awful.  After trying to schedule the appointment for the "perfect time", scouring store after store for the "perfect, matching outfits", packing a bag with anything we may need, wipes, comb, extra shirts, snacks, drink, (ones that will not stain or make a mess) driving over an hour, dressing them all, keeping them off the floor while we waited our turn, begging, pleading, bribing them to: "look here", "smile", "look at me", "get your finger out of your nose", (mouth, ear, hair, or siblings nose, mouth ear) "look here".  It. Was. Awful.

So, while my dear friend Kimberly is in the shoot room trying to wrangle a smile, or even just everyone in the shot, I'm out front:

with my hand wrapped around a cup of joe.  No stress here.

Looking for stress free holiday portraits?  Portraits by Kimberly

Even though Portraits by Kimberly does know who I am, she in no way reimbursed my for this shameless plug. 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Keepin' it Fresh

I've been thinking that the blog was looking a little "summery" and needed to keep up with the seasons... Let me know what you think!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Window On My World

Cosmic Bowling
Twenty-eight 5th & 6th graders
9 pm Friday night-
 soda, all you can eat pizza and
high-pitched screaming under disco lights

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We've had the perfect weather for harvest this year.  Dry and warm.  Ryan just has a few double crop beans left to harvest and he will be finished for the year.  Riding with Dad in the combine has been a hot-ticket item, everyone wants to make sure they got their fair share of riding time.

Works out for me.  Gives me time to get some stuff done!

Jackson has no problem climbing the ladder, talking the whole time: "daddy, bombine. Ride.  Ride daddy bombine?"

Isabelle likes to honk the horn.  It's kinda puny for such a big machine.  Fun all the same.

Having "auto steer" let's Jackson think he's driving...

Bye Mom!!

And they're off!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Monday Activity

My friend, Heather came over with her bushel of apples and a playmate for Isabelle and Jackson, and we got busy!  We made my apples into sauce, and hers into cinnamon apples.

"Red hot" applesauce, regular applesauce, "red hot" apples, cinnamon apples.

Heather also brought the last of her tomatoes, and I got 7 quarts of tomato juice for my pantry.

Sure feels good....

More Fun on the Concrete!

We have had the nicest fall weather!  Sunday after church, the kids decided to play outside on the concrete again.  Who knew it would be this much fun??  Since several of their toys are still "packed" in the garage, it has been easy to drag them out, and set up a little town.  Getting back in the garage is not quite as fun....

William and Jackson each had their own "cars" or "fleets of trucks" in William's case.

The girls set up a "truck-stop" of sorts.  Not really sure what it was, but Elizabeth made the sign.  They had beds, fuel, and snacks. I think we need to work on her spelling?

I don't know if you can read it, but it says: "For any problems, see the manager: Isabelle at the desk"
Funny stuff.  She enjoyed being "in charge".

Me.  Starting my book over, enjoying the sunshine.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Concrete or Cement? That is the Question...

This week my in-laws came to help Ryan pour the concrete around our house.  Tuesday night they finished forming everything up, and first thing Wednesday they poured an L shape in front of the garage and corner of house and

The front sidewalk.

Thursday they poured 2 sections of the pad in front of the garage, and

finished the other two sections Friday morning.

My Mother-in-law took these great shots of the "Sidewalk Supervisors".

The kids are having fun on all the poured space already. Riding bikes and running in circles.   Ryan is looking forward to shooting some hoops.  Me?  I just cannot wait to park in the garage again.

As for Ruby?  She hated every minute of it.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Event

At this time last Saturday, I was so excited!  We were getting ready to go the Ball and Auction.  That big fundraiser my friend Beth and I have been planning for the last year.  I had my hair done, make-up on, bag packed, and time for exactly two photos of the event.  Two.

A big part of the evening is auctioning off the class projects.  Earlier in the year, my co-chairs and I selected the projects for each class.

Elizabeth's class made a table-top water fountain out of copper.  Her class went to a local shop and each of the kids pounded out a leaf shape for the water to cascade down.  Elizabeth's leaf is on the bottom. Yes, she has 5 kids in her class.  We love it.  I so wanted this fountain for my new patio.  Turns out someone else wanted it more.

Williams class made hop-scotch stones.  There are 9 kids in his class, and they are each assigned a number for grading purposes.  (I guess?)  Each student painted the tile that coordinated with his/her number.  William is number 1!  And these are the first blocks and focal point of my new patio.

Beth and I.  At the end of the evening.  Bags and all.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just Like Daddy

 Even though I've been completely swallowed up by this Ball & Auction, I've still managed to bathe the kids every night.  almost.

After baths the other night, I wrapped Jackson up in a hand towel "Just Like Daddy"

He was beside himself!

I love this.
He would look at her and say: "See, Belle, see? dus wike Daddy."

And our house isn't near that clean anymore.... 

Friday, October 1, 2010


you have to get it out so it stops cluttering up your brain.

My heart is so happy the last few days! The only way to explain it is: "Filled with joy" truly, truly happy for my friend and her new little Caleb.  What a blessing to have a brand new baby.  I'm jealous.  I've been praying for her (my friend), asking God to comfort her, and give her peace. Now, I'm also thanking him.  What an amazing gift.  Every time I think about their family, I think about the Matt Redman song I posted.  He gives and takes away, and still I will choose to say: "Blessed be Your name".  And the line: "pain in the offering"? makes me cry.  Every single time.

We had a great visit Sunday with my in-laws and Ryan's Grandmother.  My Mother-in-law went shopping at her farmer's market Saturday before they came and brought me a bushel of green beans and two bushels of golden delicious apples.  Not only did they do the shopping and deliver them to my door, they also helped snip, snap and can the beans!  I now have 21 quarts to put on the shelf.  They look beautiful.  I am excited about the apples too.  It's been awhile since I made applesauce.  The kids love it, and I need to do a better job at offering fruit at every meal.

The final touches on the Ball & Auction are coming together.  After a few very stressful weeks, it's looking pretty good! So many business and individuals have donated items for the auction, (and cash too) I am amazed at their generosity! I cannot wait to hang with our friends, and shopping Sunday afternoon... and new shoes.  REALLY looking forward to that!!  I will post pictures of the event after... and that reminds me... my friend Beth needs a new camera too.  She volunteered to do the research for us... wonder how that's coming along?

William is having a stellar week with his homework!  Last week I told him if he did not bring home any "unfinished" work this week, he could have a friend over Saturday.  He has stayed in for some of his recess (his choice) this week to get his things done, and when I checked with his teacher this morning, she said that he had been doing a fantastic job getting his things done.  His friend Caleb is coming after soccer tomorrow and we are going to go in town for the fall festival.

I love the fall festival.  I used to really enjoy fall.  I'm not really this year.  Fall means that winter is just around the corner... In any case, I'm going to enjoy myself tomorrow.  Grilled pork tenderloins and apple dumplings.  Walk around downtown, visiting the shops.  Want to come?  I would love company!  We also decorated the front porch with corn stalks, straw bales, pumpkins and mums.  I love my front porch.  I'd show you some pictures, but Elizabeth took her camera to school... hmm.  Wonder how Beth is doing on that research...  Ryan's dad is planning on coming back later in the month to help pour our front sidewalk.  Pretty excited about that.  Hopefully, by next summer we'll have real plants in the beds.

I can see the pigs out my window.  They are sleeping in the sun.  In a pile.  We have a pig pile.

I woke up a 3 am today.  Couldn't go back to sleep.  Pretty sure I'll be crashing in the next hour or two.

I should be getting some work done while Jackson is sleeping.  He got up early too. He has officially entered the "terrible two's"  two months early.  Not only is he lightning fast, he's smart.  Remembers where we keep the things he's not supposed to have, and can figure out how to get to them.  Not only has he crossed the road enough times to give us all heart-attacks, he's climbed up the bunker and looked over the edge,  (a 20' foot drop to concrete) he checks on the kittens, climbs in with the pigs, loves to find un-finished drinks and pour them from cup to cup, he climbs on everything.  He poured coffee in my keyboard. Poured half a box of fruit loops into his 1/2 cup bowl.  Permanent maker on my desk.  And that was just yesterday...not really, but he's busy. And fast.  Did I say that before?  And talks.  Like nobody's business.  You would think he's a girl.  But he's not.  Makes to many tractor noises for that.

I changed purses this morning.  I was really over the Vera.  She's all yours Whit!  I only had two to choose from? what's with that?

I'm in the mood for the movies.  I want to see the new Katherine Heigl flick.

If you've made it to the end of this post, thanks for reading!  I feel better having all of that out of my head.