Sunday, November 29, 2009

Angle Family Fun Day

I think the house is finally finished. The stainless counter top arrived, modeled by the lovely Isabelle.

We have hardware on the cabinets, and a shiny new sink. More on that later. We've slept here three full weeks and We absolutely love it! It truly feels like home. Now to get the rest of our things moved in...More on that later too!
Twice a year my family gathers together for "Angle Family Fun Day" named by yours truly. To make everything "fair" (we are siblings, not saints), and not have some families traveling more than another, we created a rotation. And this fall was our turn to host. Thankfully, our house was finished early, and we were able to have everyone Thanksgiving weekend instead of New Years weekend like we had originally planned. THANK YOU Matt!
Mom and Dad arrived last Sunday, and worked like busy little beavers all week on (our) their "honey do" list while Ryan and I worked. They did an amazing job, and the house looked FABULOUS when everyone arrived.

Mom. I don't think she slept at all while she was here. Really. She was awake when I went to bed every night, and up when I got up each morning. I hope I can be half the Nana she is when my turn comes. But I don't think I want to be a "Nana"...maybe a "Softa" or a "Sho Sho"... different topic for a different time...
Uncle Ben and Aunt Mindy were the first to arrive Wednesday evening. It was the first time we've met my niece, Ashley. She is so beautiful. I'm not saying that because she's my niece, she really is just the sweetest baby. Eye lashes, big brown eyes, chubby legs. Cuteness you can eat with a spoon.

Ashley and Hunter. Looks just like my brother. Except for the dimples and brown eyes. Those are his Mama's. William was so excited to share his bunk bed with Hunter. The three years in between their age is no problem, they play wonderfully. Makes your heart melt.

Miss Lydia and Isabelle. We marvel at their differences. Lydia has thick, thick, curly dark hair, dark eyes, and Isabelle has thin, Marilyn Monroe hair, blue eyes. Don't let their cuteness deceive you. When Elizabeth is ruling the world, these two may just de-thrown her when their time comes. Talk about a family of alpha females.
Uncle Reuben arrived shortly after, with Wesley and Logan.

I'm sure these cousins were never more than 5 feet from each other at any given moment. I am so proud of these boys. At almost 15, and almost 14, they tolerate my kids like no other. And act like they are enjoying themselves! I hope it lasts....
Uncle Simon and Aunt Kasey were the last to arrive, about 3 am on Thursday morning.

This is their little bundle of sweetness. She looks nothing like us. She's all her mommy. And she's just beautiful. What is it with nieces and nephews? I've been thinking on it this weekend. Why do we love them so much? Is it because they bring back fond memories of my childhood with their fathers? or that I loved my Aunts and Uncles so much, that I want them to love me too? hmm. I'm thinking some more.

We kept busy Thursday and Friday, playing, playing, playing. And dare I say? very minimal fighting and crying! woo hoo!

Nana hosted a tea party for the girls, complete with real tea and cookies! For some I think it's more about the cream and sugar, some the cookies, but everyone had a good time!

Miss Ashley enjoyed it as well...check out those polka dot tights!

And because these boys felt completely left out,

Papa hosted a tea party for all the boys. With real tea too, cookies and ice cream.

Wesley cannot wait until the next time!
We spent some time shopping, most of our time eating, but we had a fabulous time with them all here. Kimberly came and took a family photo, no crying or gnashing of the teeth, she is truly wonderful. Quick, Quick, Quick! She was so good, that Reuben and Ben decided to do some family shots too. When you have a good photographer, she gets done before the kids get cranky!
Reuben and Simon headed out Friday night, and the rest of us headed to Ohio Saturday morning for my Dad's family Christmas. More photos to come!
I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
God has blessed us with much over the past year, our cup is running over. And for His greatness, we are truly Thankful.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today my loving husband totally ignored his 37th birthday.

I got all sentimental while perusing my you get more than one!

Ryan & William

April 2003


Ryan, Elizabeth & William


Spring 2003

Ryan and Elizabeth

Winter 2001

Ryan and William

Winter 2001

Ryan and I

November 19, 2001

Happy Birthday to my favorite man!

I love you.

ok, just one more.

Ryan and Elizabeth

September 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Birthday Boy

Today marks William's 8th birthday.

Just Moments after his birth.
I love these photographs of the kids. Some moms cannot wait to go home from the hospital, don't get me wrong, I love being home with my babies. But that first hour, that first day, when you still find that creamy white vernix behind their ears and between their toes. When every time you adjust the hat you realize their sweet head is taken a more round shape. I love that. I am happy that our family is healthy, and moving on to different things, but boy am I going to miss that brand new baby smell.

Ten Days

Tonight, at the local Mexican Restaurant, delighted to get whip cream in his face.

Happy Birthday, William!

I love you, Mom.

Another fun Giveaway...

LOVE the do you win the baby?

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Because I'm Bored.

drip. drip. with sarcasm.

Ever since I stumbled upon Grosgrain, I have L.O.V.E.D.

And today, I'm adding cute little girl dresses to my to-do list.
You too, can enter to win! And if you do, and if you win, you, as my loyal friends will have to share the pattern!

Grand Finale?

Where's snuffleupagus?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

How perfect, the tickle me Elmo on a day that we are just giddy!
Enjoyed staying in the new house last night, We're Home!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

No Grouches Here Today!

Today is "The Day"!
The house is (mostly) finished, and we are moving in!
I am so happy I could cry.
And so I did.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Party, Party, Party, Party, Party.

Life has been one big party. Or, in our case, several small ones. Five as a matter of fact.

Last Wednesday was costume day at school. Elizabeth was St. Elizabeth of Hungary, much to my delight. She had a report on Saint Elizabeth due last week that required a costume, and *poof* she was happy to wear it Wednesday as well. Please note Joe, Elle's classmate on the far left. He dressed up as an old woman! He even painted his nails it was so fun!

William was a Hobo. He wanted to be a "Hippie", but he had no idea what a "Hippie" is. So Hobo it was. Now, most days I have absolutely no excuse for my lack of enthusiasm for Halloween, but this year, I'm pleading house.

Last Thursday and Friday was fall break, and one of my wonderful friends had a little Halloween party Friday afternoon. The kids had a great time playing the fun fall games she planned, eating the yummy snacks she made, and general yelling, screaming and wrestling with their friends.

A sweet, quiet moment between siblings. They are truly rare, and I think it's incredibly cute.

The girls put on a little dance for us!

And Jackson was content to chew on the camera strap, and soak up all the attention from the other mommies.
Friday evening was our friends annual Halloween party. Tasha outdid herself, as usual.

Isabelle was delighted to find a "ghost" in her punch!

The food and decorations were "spooktacular!"
In the past, Terry has had some type of hayride, grain truck adventure, but this year, it was rainy and cold so no hayride for us. But that was ok, we took rides in this instead:

The famous "Cow Limo". No joke. It mooed, farted, shot water out it's udder, and "pooped" brown ping pong balls. The kids thought it was FABULOUS. Thanks Terry & Tasha! It'll be a party we'll remember for a long time!

Ryan was needed to navigate!
Saturday afternoon we were invited to a trick or treat party, that we passed on because we moved the kids bed's into their new rooms!
Saturday evening the Dad's in the neighborhood took the kids trick or treating, and then we all met up for hot dogs at Lee & Julie's. It may seem small, but I loved that little bit of time with just Jackson here at the house! (insert the photo's I have in my memory, not my camera :( )
Sunday we had an 80th birthday party for a sweet family friend.
Thank goodness for daylight savings time... the kids are ready to go to bed early, and wake up happily on time!
I think we'll have another BIG weekend ahead of us, and I am determined to take pictures!