Thursday, June 24, 2010

Deep Thoughts

What is the point of wearing shorts if you are going to put on socks and work shoes?

If your feet need protected, don't your legs too?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Frog and Toad are Friends!

One of my favorite books growing up, "Frog and Toad are Friends".  I think my Aunt Marilyn gave it to me, along with "Green Eggs and Ham"  Another favorite.  I cannot remember the occasion, but I loved those books.

Last week, while playing outside, much to Isabelle's delight, and Jackson's "hands-off" pleasure, we found:

Frog and Toad, living in our window well!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Maternal Guilt and the Indianapolis Colts

Monday of the crazy-busy VBS week, a friend mentioned to me that the Indianapolis Colts would be in town as a part of their "Colts Country" meet and greet.  And why would we want to stand in a steaming hot parking lot for hours to get the autograph of some player that we're not sure we've ever seen?  Maternal Guilt.

Somehow, someway, something in me changed over the last year, in addition to sudden, unexplained cry bouts, I now have an enormous amount of maternal guilt.  I'm blaming my friends for these new emotions.  You know who you are.

And how, you may ask does maternal guilt come into play with the Colts??  Well, my kids should want to see them right? It's summer, we should be doing FUN things, right? How often does a NFL team ( a super-bowl winning one I might add...) come to town??  Why should my sanity come into play?

So we went.

This guy met us at the entrance.

The ever so hot parking lot, and the long line.

William climbing the "rock wall".

The kids and the Colt.

Football toss.

Finally, the talent.
Jamey Richard and Jaimie Thomas.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fewer Things....

Give me more pleasure, than when I see my children reading.

My Sweet Tooth

I had to have my teeth cleaned today.  I hate the dentist.  I guess, maybe I should say that I hate the experiences I have had at the dentist.  We just switched dentist AGAIN recently, and  I love my dentist!  I'll tell you why.  One Monday in April, I started having some pain with a crown I have.  When I realized that I had some type of infection, it was Wednesday and my regular Dr.'s day off.  Not feeling comfortable calling my old new dentist (because I had never been seen there) I decided to wait it out until my MD was back in her office.  And wouldn't you know, that was the week she decided to take a few days off.  Friday night was my turn to host my Bunco group,  and I thought, a few drinks, some Tylenol and I'll feel fine.... and then it dawned on me... Andrea!  She's a Dentist! She can prescribe drugs! Hallelujah!!  Ryan ran into the pharmacy for me, and I got started on the antibiotic right away.  Unfortunately, I was not better the next day.  But you know what?  She met me at her office on a SATURDAY performed some procedure and I felt instantly better.  I've pledged my eternally love to her.  So, back to the dentist today.  It was just a cleaning, and I know some people really like having their teeth cleaned, but I'd rather have a baby.

This is probably one of the reasons why I hate the dentist.  I have an incredible sweet tooth.  And strawberry pie is my favorite.  Ok.  ONE of my favorites.  I made this last week with the strawberries Elizabeth and I picked.

Strawberry Pie

1 baked pie crust ~ I like the Pampered Chef recipe, or this one, Marie Calendars'

3/4 cup sugar
4 Tablespoons corn starch
2 cups boiling water

Cook until clear, remove from heat and add 1 (3oz) package strawberry jello.  Pour this glaze over 2 quarts of clean, sliced strawberries.  Refrigerate until set.

I'd rather eat this than.... cake!

Post note:  This was to be posted Tuesday night, when I fell asleep watching the dvr of The Bachelorette.

A Happy Ending to a Crappy Week

It's been a long week.  In addition to the babysitter taking the week off, we had Vacation Bible School and Relay for Life (yes, second time this year!). Now, I know that it sounds pretty lame, but it really takes the "ump" right out of me if we have evening activities.  Not to mention every evening.  I do find it odd, that if I skip picking up the house or loading the dish washer just one time, it takes a whole day to catch up.  Usually Saturday, when I have other things I'd rather be doing.

Today, when my bestest, T. called and asked if we wanted to go to the library, I suggested that we also have a picnic lunch at the park.  What could be better? A nice quiet library, the kids love it there, and then all their energy out at the park, everyone will take nice long naps right??  Just what we need after last week.  It was perfect.

And you know what was even better?  There was a box waiting for me when I got home.

Although I've been a BIG fan of the TOMS organization for some time,  I had never purchased a pair of their shoes because I thought they were ugly.  Several weeks ago when a friend of mine sent me the email that TOMS were coming out with a new style, I knew I had to have a pair!

I wore them all day.  They are probably the most comfortable shoe in my closet.

As I sit here, I am thinking about giving, and figuring out how God wants us to give, and how much He wants us to give, and I remember someone saying once: "You should give until you are slightly uncomfortable." Ha!  there is nothing uncomfortable about these!!

Post Note.  This was to be posted Monday night.  But, I fell asleep watching the bachelorette. 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Blue Skies and Mud Puddles

Friday night we decided to hit the root beer stand even though it had started to sprinkle.  We hit the road back home when we heard the tornado sirens....  Saturday they called the soccer games due to lightening after we were already soaked.  The kids played in the rain and sand at an open house in Michigan for the son of one of Ryan's classmates. Oh, how I had forgotten about the sand...

The sun came out on Sunday, enough for us to enjoy the great outdoors... in a mud puddle.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mr. Sunshine!

Said his first sentence this week.
"Daddy's boots"
Little goober is going to be a chatter!

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Final Steps of Our Construction Project

After moving into the house last fall, we were pretty much done with projects for awhile. When spring came, our lawn never "sprung." Having the construction crew here, in, out and about did a real number. We decided to disk the whole thing up and start over.

Ryan and the kids picked up all the leftovers and took them to the burn pile.

Ryan worked the dirt with help from our friend, Terry, got all the rocks out. Planted grass, and spread straw over the entire thing. Very slowly, it started to peek through the straw.

And last night?

He mowed for the first time!

Now, just to get the landscaping done.....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Last Two Weeks Of My Life

It's been a busy 10 days for me. I hate when my life gets so busy I have no time to document it!

I think I'm over the second grade drama. I spoke with the principal, and feel better after having vented. At this point, we'll be lucky to get that boy through high school. Poor kid is having a rough time. This week, he put a penny over the eye on our garage door sensor. When he realized that the door would not work with the penny still in there, he ripped the sensor off of the bracket and cut the wires with a knife. AND THEN he threw the whole kit and caboodle in with the heifers. As in MANURE. Yes, we had a long talk about coming to your parents when you have a small problem, and how each decision he made, made it into a bigger problem, and the biggest problem being that he lied about it. Grr. Maybe we should just be happy if we keep him out of jail.

We had a wonderful time with our house full of company two weekends ago. It was a great time for me, remembering my up-bringing and introducing my children to an event that forever changed my life. It was also an alarming reminder of exactly how old I am! Running into an old friend and reminiscing was a definite highlight of the weekend.

Elizabeth's class watched chicks hatch, and William's class observed the process of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Both, the highlight of their school year.

A hot air balloon floated gently by our house one evening.

We had ice cream on the porch,

and the kids swam in the little kiddie pool.

Ryan has been busy in the field, this was a better day- he was baling hay the day before, hot, Hot, HOT!

I organized my closet. Had to make room for my bags I unpacked. Made me wonder... What does owning a pair of Jessica Simpson's shoes say about me?

How about two pairs?? And liking Amanda Bynes? What does that say about a 30 something mom of four?

Bought myself something at the John Deere Store.

Who knew they carried pin holders? And the fabric underneath? A new dress for me.

We snuggled and kissed little Cooper Mack, the cutest baby in the world. (since December 2006 anyway.) We love his Mommy and Daddy, and now we love him! Smelling him just about jump started me back lactating, but we left before he cried. *phew*

Elizabeth and I picked 22 pounds of strawberries. We've enjoyed strawberry milkshakes, strawberries over ice cream, and strawberry shortcake. Depending on how I feel, a strawberry pie may be our dessert tonight.

My baby was sick yesterday. He had a low grade fever all day. Poor little guy finally fell asleep at 1:45pm, coughing in his sleep at 2, he vomited all over me. I had planned on working at home, but the only thing I got accomplished was a shower. His fever was gone this morning, so he was off to the sitter.

Yesterday was the last day of school, and we all are so happy. No homework for 10 weeks!
"And all of God's people say: AMEN."

Last Thursday my supervisor took me and two of my co-workers for a "retreat" day at a local spa. We all got facials and pedicures. OPI has a Hong Kong line, and it turns out,

"Jade IS the new Black"