Friday, December 30, 2011

Miners Light

One of the "downers" of winter (besides the cold, the wind and the ice) is how early it gets dark.

While most of us are cuddled up on the couch with a cup of cocoa, Ryan is outside doing chores.

He has a handy little light he wears on his head, exactly like a miner.

It doesn't work quite as well when he wears it- but it looks oh-so-cute!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winner #4!

Tera said...

A few years ago when my best friend got married, I made a scrapbook of her and her husband growing up. It was from when they were babies until they got married


A New Addition!

I'd like to introduce the newest member of our family:

"Queen Noor"

This may shock some of you, being a self-proclaimed cat-hater, but we've had a mouse problem this fall, and she was cuter than the boa.

But really- I stopped at the pet store to look at the crabs, saw her in the "to-be-adopted" cage, and couldn't leave her there.

From the moment she came into the house, she's been the nicest kitty! And so very easy to care for!

We all love our sweet Nora- and haven't seen a mouse since!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Winner #3!

Mikki said...

Current obsession...hmmmm, would a ten pound sweetie pie qualify? If not, then most definitley hair accessories for her!


email me and let me know how to get it to you!  It arrived yesterday- and ugh. I want to keep it!

New Calves

Ryan mentioned last week that he to wanted to go to an auction in Michigan to pick up a few calves.

Apparently we're low.

Yesterday, when he came in the house after morning milking to round up the big kids, he invited me to go along. I politely declined.  I had bigger plans. That involved coffee and a couch.

After helping William find every single piece of clothing he needed up, down, in, out and around, I reminded  Elizabeth to put her hair up and they were off. 

They arrived back home at 7:30pm all excited to show us the new calves. I bundled up Jackson and Isabelle and we headed down to the barn to check out the new additions to our herd.

Not only did we find some really cute, really hungry calves, we found a stressed out daddy and two tired kids.

In the dark, in the snow, in the wind, in the mud, muck and poop, 20 hutches were bedded, 40 calves were unloaded, and 40 bottles were fed.

Two hours later, we were all back in the house. Cold. Wet. Hungry.


They are really cute in the daylight aren't they?!

Winner #2!

Nicole said...

Oh shorts or pants totally! Cant tell you the last time I wore a nightie! Oh and dont forget the socks!


To claim your prize, click here:

and then shoot me an email me at: with your address, size and color choice!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

His "3" Birthday!

A little late, I know... but if it's not on the blog it didn't happen right?

He was so excited for his "3 birthday".. loved his store-bought cake. (hey- I was busy)

Most of the afternoon was spent sitting on the counter looking at the cake, waiting on dinner to come and go..

Opening gifts- so funny. As he was opening these undies, I asked: "What is it?" and he replied: "undies". smarty pants.

Much more excited about the 3.2 million piece dairy farm!

Ryan is gone at a dairy cow sale today, and I'm on a mission to make him a "surprise"... I'll keep you posted.

It's not to late to enter Day 2 favorite things! You can scroll down, or just click here.

Winner #1!

homeschoolmama said...

A 600 porfessional series Kitchen-Aid mixer is on the list and I know I'm already getting it.


email me at: and I'll get it in the mail!

Monday, December 26, 2011

And a wonderful time was had by all...

I hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours!

We started our Christmas off at church on Christmas Eve- a beautiful candlelight service with Christmas Carols.  Elizabeth had a solo when the youth sang.  We love to listen to her, and I think she enjoys it as well.

Ryan's parents and our friends Adam & Stacy with their two girls joined us for Christmas Eve dinner after the service. A very relaxing time visiting, catching up.  From the sounds coming from the upstairs, the kids had a pretty good time too. Not quite so relaxing maybe. (on a side note, this is the first time in years that I have not had presents to wrap after the kids went to bed! yay me! I had one toy to put together after Jackson fell asleep, and my father-in-law helped me with that!)

Christmas morning the kids were very super excited to see all the presents under the tree!

Even though the three older kids know there will be presents, it is still the most fun for me to see the surprise and excitement on their faces when they come into the living room! As for Jackson? he had no idea what was about to happen!

He sure does love his little "cozy coupe"!
Later in the day, after the kids had all dispersed somewhere else, he was looking at the tree, and said to me: "Mama, opening presents was so much fun!"

Isabelle was delighted with her first American Girl doll, "Kit", and all the accessories that came with her.  Mommy got a little carried away with the shoes...  The 'princess lipstick' is a big hit too.

William loves his Nintendo 3ds. It is so much fun to give them gifts they did not ask for!

Elizabeth totally understands how we do Christmas gifts- One big gift, and several small ones, usually staying within a certain price range.  She made it very clear she wanted an ipod touch. and leather slippers. aviator sunglasses. hair mousse. itunes gift cards.  We played a little trick on her. Mean parents that we are.

Here she is, happy to get a watch she loves, and didn't ask for-

After opening the sunglasses-very happy!

Then, she realized all the gifts were opened. The sad look on her face was well, sad. She didn't want to seem ungrateful, but she was clearly disappointed. And then, we 'found' one more gift...

Sheer joy opening "MY IPOD TOUCH!"  I  love making my kids happy!

He "wubs" his new animals-a lion, Labrador, pig, and penguin pair.  I'm certain they were all "milked" withing the hour.

The rest of the day was so  relaxing! It looked pretty much like this:

Except for the two hours we went to our local museum. A fun family outing visiting  our friend Tracy who was working.

Fabulous memories!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

After a wonderful relaxing day filled with family, fun and friends- I took a nice hot shower, put on my new Vera Wang jammies (yay!) and snuggled up with my new animal print snuggie and favorite little boy!

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6 NIV

Merry Christmas friends!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Favorite Things.. Day 5!

No shocker here... Shoes remain my favorite thing.  Hands down.

Even though these are the last shoes I purchased,

These are the ones I'm wearing tonight: 

Tomorrow I'll probably have these on:

For you, I have a TOMS gift pack!

Great for new and longtime fans alike, the TOMS Gift Pack includes a DVD of the documentary, For Tomorrow: The TOMS Shoes Story, a TOMS poster, and a $50 Gift Card redeemable at for shoes or apparel.

TOMS shoes are always on my list, and I would really like a pair of the black sparkly wedges.. 

If you would like to win this great gift that gives back, all you need to do is follow this blog! (and leave me a comment telling me so!)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Favorite Things... Day 4

This Christmas, I've been trying to "shop local" as much as possible. Unfortunately, the 'Apple' store isn't local *wink*.

My favorite thing for today is actually two things- shopping local and fair trade.

My friend Sherry started a wonderful little business in her home: "Accessories for Hope".  She purchases great accessories from organizations that not only pay their employees a fair wage, but help people (women and children) break the bondage of slavery.  (Did you know there are 27 million people enslaved today?)

A few of the items she sells: Animal backpacks, like this little elephant!

Super cute, right? He is made by a survivor of human trafficking.  You can find more great things at their web site:

Chocolate chips. Fair trade and organic. All the fat and calories *nearly* vaporize when you ingest these! You can get more information here: Sunspire

Jewelry. 31 bits is a great company that pays women fairly for the paper bead jewelry they make. They also provide english lessons, finance training, and vocational training amongst other things. Check them out here: 31bits.

This beautiful scarf is sold by "global girlfriend". Made by women, eco friendly, fair trade.

Bags. After yesterday's post, ya'll know I like bags. These bags are beautiful.  Women in India take old sari's and create these great canvas bags.

Two of the great reasons I like this bag, it has a smooth 'plastic-ey' finish on the inside and pockets on each end.

If you would like to "throw your hat" in to the mix for the entire lot of fairly traded items, tell me about  the favorite gift you've given.

One winner will be randomly drawn a week from today, December 29th.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Favorite Things... Day 3!

It's no secret that I have a "thing" for bags.

Most recently, Kate Spade bags.

I've had this "stripey" (Wellie Magee) tote for a year and a half now, and just love her.  I cleaned her up a few weeks ago and she's now snugly wrapped in her dust bag on the top shelf of my closet.  She's having a well deserved break until next summer.

Ahh. The Wellesley Quinn I rescued from the thrift shop.  I Carried her all summer.  She is currently waiting her turn at the spa before her vacation on the top shelf.

Roseland Stevie who has been my faithful companion since Thanksgiving.  I won't say she's my favorite... I don't want to hurt anyone else's feelings... but I like her alot.

For you, my lucky readers I have this adorable little sparkler:

Kate Spade Sparkler Coin Purse

Is she not just the cutest thing you've seen?! I'm pretty sure she is the perfect piece to "glitter-up" any bag!

If you would like the chance to win this little sparkler, leave a comment telling me what your current obsession is...

One winner will be randomly drawn one week from today, Wednesday, December 28.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Favorite Things- Day Two!

A couple of years ago, my friend Elizabeth gave me the most wonderful gift.


Vera Wang Pajamas.

Four years later, they are still my very favorite jammies.

I never really was a pajama wearer until I had those babies.  Oh, I had pajamas.  And I would lounge around in them all day some days, but on a regular basis? not so much. But having those kids changed everything.  Getting up multiple times in the night changed everything.  Especially when the nights ran into the days...

I've purchased myself pajamas on four different occasions.

You guessed it.
For the birth of each of my children.

It's one thing to throw on "whatever" at home, quite another to look so disheveled in public!

A couple months ago, Ryan told me all my pajamas were gross kindly mentioned that I should get myself some new sleepwear.

I went ahead and disposed of the most offending ones, but never replaced them.

And that, is why these are at the top of my wish list!

If you would like to win some fabulous Simply Vera Wang Intimate Pajamas for yourself, just leave a comment telling me what you prefer... nighties, or short/pants?  I'm a short/pant girl myself. Whenever I wear nighties I dream that I'm drowning... and wake up with the nightie wrapped around my neck. blech!

One winner will be randomly drawn on week from today, Tuesday, December 27th.
Colors/styles may vary.