Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sixty Four Years

Earlier this year when my grandparents were visiting, my grandmother and I got to chatting about her wedding.

My grandma and grandpa were married here, in the small town where we live- where my grandmother was born and raised. (If you consider 17 raised. That is how old she was when she married my grandpa. oh my.)

During the conversation, she mentioned on their wedding night they stayed in a hotel in a neighboring town- and did I know if it was still there? (The hotel, not the town.)

It sure is... and recently refurbished!

During that conversation, I thought: "How much fun would it be for them to stay there again?"
After chatting with a few of my Aunts/Uncles/cousins about my great idea, I conned them into sending me some money and reserved the Honeymoon Suite.

Last Friday was my grandparents sixty-fourth anniversary!

They got into town a little after lunch on Friday and I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with them at our local county museum.

Before I needed to pick up my kids from school, I helped them check into their room.

These were waiting for them:

Fresh flowers compliments of the General Manager and hotel staff.

They were so cute! Grandma was sure she'd never seen anything so luxurious! Grandpa wasn't so sure they needed all that room!

I left them to take a little rest, picked up my kids from school, grabbed Ryan and went back to the hotel. I took several pictures of them around the room-

In the sitting room...

In the bedroom... I just missed him kissing her!
On our way downstairs for dinner we stopped on each floor- Grandma wanted to see the decor of each.

Outside the door of where they think they stayed on their wedding night. It's hard to remember that long ago!

Ryan and I enjoyed spending time with them at dinner-we very rarely see them alone. We usually have to share them with some other family member, or our kids.

We can only hope to be together for as long as they have!

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Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

How sweet. It makes me laugh to think about any "hanky panky" that might have been going on after you dropped them off. :)