Monday, December 19, 2011

Favorite Things Day One!

Hey folks! Guess what? It's time for....
Striving for Fabulous' Third Annual
In all honesty, it kinda snuck up on me!

My favorite thing for day one is.....

I know, I know.  I've heard all the jokes about Tupperware parties and Tupperware ladies. I used to be a Tupperware lady in fact.

I love Tupperware. Love it. Let's blame it on my Grandmother. She started the whole thing before I even knew what happend. Grandma gave me my first Tupperware when Tupperware looked like this:

I still have some of those pieces-all mixed in with the girls toys. My pitcher is orange. I don't have colored coordinated lids for my cups or those snazzy square pieces. hmm.

These are some of my favorite pieces now:

These 16 ounce tumblers are my favorite go-to cup. Rarely use the lids though.

This Quick Chef is super handy. I don't have a food processor- I use this instead!

The best thing about this Salad Spinner is that you can use outer bowl to serve or store.

Some of my favorite Tupperware has to be my pans.  Ugh.  They were pretty pricey, but I've had them for several years and I still love them.

These guys are great for the kids snacks. Or dips. Little leftovers. And the colors are fabulous.

Square Tupperware has to be my favorite of them all.

I think the Mix & Stor is a must have for any kitchen.

My Season Serve has seen a lot less marinades and a lot more cupcakes...

This little guy is pretty handy too.  Works like a lawn mower. The kids I work with love him.

The Vent and Serve has got to be my favorite. I like that it does not get all bumpy and yucky on the inside when you heat something to long or hot in the microwave.  99% of our leftovers get stuck in one of these guys.  And they are square.  I love square.

The traditional Salt & Pepper Shakers are one of the newest additions to my collection.  I'm not sure how much I love them.  The lids seem to get kind of grubby.

The Chip n Dip is a fun one to get out when we have friends over-way more sophisticated to eat chips out of a bowl instead of the bag!

Square Tupperware is where it's at I tell ya.  If I put it in the freezer, I like it to go in one of these.

Oh My.  When these came out, I thought I died and went to heaven.  Not only are they square, but they nest all together inside each other. Minimal space in the drawer. Which is critical when you have as much Tupperware as I do!

Get to the giveaway already right??

Today, I am giving one lucky person the second most used Tupperware in my house:


Tupperware is not on my wish list this year.  Maybe because I had a Tupperware party earlier this year.  Maybe because I have 80% of the catalog already.  Tupperware is not on my list this year, but a nail gun is.

What's on your list?

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment telling me one thing on your wish list this year. One winner will be randomly drawn one week from today, Monday, December 26th.

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Janell said... Best Blogger Tips

Um...I'd have to say a new dryer...only because mine just broke yesterday!! If I was really talking about me...I'd have to say a new pair of UGG boots! I might look for some when we go to Chicago:)

islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

I only have two things on my list this year, besides the winning lottery ticket. The first is a "Great Gatsby" phone cover. I'm a simple girl.

islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

I forgot this...I want this too...

FROG PRINCESS said... Best Blogger Tips

Well at the top of my list is for my house in new castle to just go away! Probably not going to happen so how about a new grapevine tree for the porch. Sarge helped to get rid of the old one!

Mikki said... Best Blogger Tips

The only thing I wanted this year was a happy, healthy, beautiful, little girl....who let mommy and daddy get some rest - and Santa came early!! She slept for over 7 hrs. last night!!!!

Beths said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't really ask for things as I am the gift buyer in the family - but this wear while we were visiting DePauw I picked up a Tigers sweatshirt that is now wrapped up and under the tree AND Joel is actually getting me a present this year - I am so excited!! A Kuerig!! He was a little overwhelmed by the selections so he asked for help on which one I was interested in.

Shannon said... Best Blogger Tips

A day alone in my house with nothing to do. Too much to ask? Okay...A personal chef. That's it, that's what I want. I will even buy the Tupperware to store the leftovers!

homeschoolmama said... Best Blogger Tips

A 600 porfessional series Kitchen-Aid mixer is on the list and I know I'm already getting it.

Nicole said... Best Blogger Tips

Gifts! I never get asked. I just buy for others! I would like a Kindle though!

Leticia said... Best Blogger Tips

I guess I'm boring, I have no list. Or maybe that's because I've already gotten it all throughout this past year! :/ My camera obsession has been rather costly, but hey, it's making money too! ;)

angela said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't ask for Christmas gifts because subtlety is not my husbands strong suit!! If I really want something (which isn't often) I tell my kids to take dad shopping forgot!! This year I wanted a Kindle Fire and got it!!! Thanks kids!!

Dkendall said... Best Blogger Tips

I wanted some charms for my Pandora bracelet and got a few pretty ones. Always wanted the Thatsa bowl and could put it to good use. Have a good New Year!!