Friday, October 28, 2011

AFFD Fall 2011 part 4

Final installment!

Some time ago, Dad had some his property logged.  Over the weekend the boys helped him split some of the "butts".  Jackson had a great time helping daddy run the splitter.

Was a curious little donkey!

AFFD Fall 2011 part 3

Awhile back, my dad built his own casket.  It's really more of a coffin I guess, but then again,  I don't really know the difference.
Saturday of Angle Family Fun Day, several of us tried it out.

to big for Jackson.

To big for Wesley. To small for Wesley AND Jackson.

To big for Logan.  To small for Logan AND Jackson.

Way to small for Ryan!

Just right for it's intended!

AFFD Fall 2011 part 2

Nana & Papa's dog Speckles, had six little puppies a week before we arrived. Speckles had a great little nest for them - under the chicken coop - way in the back.  After much asking, begging, whining from the kids, Papa removed a board to gain access.

Why are baby dogs so cute? Oh, so cute.

Angle Family Fun Day Fall 2011

Two weeks ago after work, we threw the kids and all of our stuff (besides our bathroom bag) and headed to my parents house for Angle Family Fun Day Fall 2011.

Ryan and I took traded off driving and made it almost to St. Louis before Ryan decided he couldn't stay awake any longer.

The kids woke us up at the crack of dawn- no joke.  We were downstairs for breakfast by 6:30am. Back on the road soon after!  We made it to Mom and Dad's in time for lunch.

We had a great time with my brothers.  Minus one.  My oldest brother Ben and sister-in-law stayed home with their new little baby.  We sure missed them though.

I took lots of photos and I plan to show you the majority!

The kids had so much fun wrestling with each other in the basement.

Making "sandwiches" with cousin Lena.

Hanging on the bar- a favorite activity for the little people. A workout for the grown-up lifting them up there.

All of the grand kids in a row.  The three big ones are to big to "hang".

And then they fell, one by one!

Of course, then they wanted to get wild and crazy.  And everyone had a turn upside down.

Even the big kids.

By his toes...

being tickled,

some needed more help than others...

Even Papa got in on the action!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


But surely I am getting back into the groove.

We had a relaxing weekend with beautiful weather.

Ryan's parents spent the weekend with us.  They arrived on Friday afternoon and stayed through Sunday.

Saturday morning I slept in - Hip, Hip, HOORAY! Then when right outside and helped Ryan and the kids round up what seemed like the entire herd of dairy cows. Always a great start to the day.

We left the boys at home to do farming boy things and headed into town for a little retail therapy. The girls and I had a great day of bonding with Granny at the Farmers Market, a craft bazaar, lunch at Panera Bread, Pier One, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and Hobby Lobby. *phew*

Boy, did it feel good to have a day with no agenda!

This week, we are back to our "normal" schedule- I'm excited to get started on my extensive "to-do" list.  I'm sure I'll be over it next week!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


a beginning and the end.

This fall, not only did Elizabeth and William play soccer, Isabelle did too!

She was so very excited.  We've been taking Elizabeth and/or William to practice or games for as long as she can remember.  She felt so grown up being able to play on her very own team!  Her team met for an hour for four Saturdays.

Miss Isabelle - third from the left.

William started practice with his team early September.  They practiced once a week with inter-squad games on Saturday mornings.  They also had two games where they played teams from adjoining school districts.  William was the goalie most of the time, and did a really good job.  He is so supportive of his team mates.  He's going to be the best wing-man ever.

Elizabeth has been practicing since August. Her team got going even before school started.  They practiced two to four times a week, with the occasional practice on Saturday. Her age group is a "travel" team, only playing teams from other school districts. She had one game a week for the last six weeks.  In addition to the practices of course. Elizabeth played the "forward" position this fall and loved it.  "The forward," she told me, "is the position who scores the goals." ah ha. This week at her awards dinner, she was the only girl on her team to score all season. All the other goals were from boys.  You should have seen the smile on her face!

I am so ready for a free Saturday! Well, a Saturday to do what I want anyway.  I have BIG plans for my Mother-in-law and me this weekend!

I did have a sobering moment at Elizabeth's last game.  IF, all three of my children continue to play soccer, and Jackson joins them in two years, my week is going to be totally shot getting these kids to and from games and practice... ugh.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ball & Auction

Yes, it's finally over.

We are still recovering.  And by "we", I mean "me", and my house.  It's been a rough go.

After spending all of last week working on getting things back together, we went to my parents for our bi-annual family weekend.  We left on Thursday night after work, and got back home on Monday just in time for baths and bed.  Ugh.

This weekend Ryan's parents are coming for the weekend.  They know how we function- and have seen the house look worse.  If that is possible...

I am really ready to spend some time getting everything back in order.  I'd really like to take the day off tomorrow and mop my kitchen floor. And no, I'm not ill. It's just that bad.

Any who.

In this post, I gave you a "teaser" of the event, and this post, project inspiration. I wanted to show you the final results.  I am really happy with the way the projects and decorations turned out.

Pre-K class.  Hand print stars & stripes wall hanging/old window.

Kindergarten- Hand print Christmas tree. In between their hands/fingers they wrote their names. Oh, so cute.  Isabelle's hand is the very tip-top.  I really wanted to bring it home... but turns out Sebastian's Grandma wanted it more!

First Grade Quilt.  We traced the kids closed hands for the grass at the bottom, they then drew flowers, (some traced their hands for the flower) bumble bees, and caterpillars.  I loved, loved this.

Second grade.  Melted crayon art.  Turned out so much better than I had anticipated.  Such a great piece.  A really fun thing to try with your little people.

Third Grade.  Hand painted nativity.  Boy, was this a tough one.  I had to bring in lots of help for this project- but boy, was baby Jesus worth it!  It turned out SPECTACULAR.

Fourth grade wind chime.  This is William's class. Not exactly how I thought it would turn out, but sometimes you encounter difficulty along the way that dictates a different outcome than you had anticipated.  No matter, it is still going to sound really pretty on my porch.

Fifth grade calendar.  Ahh.  Another labor of love.  And a huge source of anxiety.  God bless the person who bought this.  I never want to see it again.

Sixth grade colored glass piece.  This is a horrible photo.  It is a really pretty piece with colored glass in the shape of a flower.  I'll show it in better light when I get it where I want it.

On to the decorations.

Once again, sometimes things just don't turn out the way you expect.

A view of the room.  This is the only shot I got of the lighted wreathes. They looked so much better when the lighting went down.

Silent auction items were set on tables around the perimeter of the room.  Note the draped burlap with lights.

The centerpieces were just as I had imagined.  Thanks to my friend, Lindsey and her fabulous taste, and generous spirit!

Nothing against your friends, but I have the best friends in the world.

Hands down!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Where In The World?

Does she come up with this stuff?

Sunday morning Isabelle woke me up by asking how to spell my name.  She had a very official looking clipboard, and several sheets of white paper.  She then invited me to her "party" in the living room.

A few minutes later, she followed Jackson into my room.  She sweetly asked: "Jackson? Would you like to come to my party?"  When he replied: "Yes", she said: "You're not on the list, but that's ok.  You can budge in.  There's no security".

There was a rope.  I had to give my name.  Good thing I was on the list.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'd like more snert too!

Jackson has always spoken very clearly, but he's said some pretty funny stuff lately!

Sunday night he came running into the kitchen, asking me to help him - "get Daddy some more snert" (dessert).

This morning he wanted to watch "Gubble Buppies" (Bubble Guppies).

When I picked him up from the sitter today, he found a "hop grasser" a big one.  HUGE! mom! (grass hopper)