Monday, September 10, 2012


Our second date was baling hay.
Who knew eighteen years later (yikes!) we'd still be on a tractor together?
Irrigating corn.
Summer 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hot Pig in a Cold Tub

Earlier this summer when it was like four hundred degrees outside, I took some garbage out to the pigs. After tossing the bowl of goodies over the fence, I realized the poor little guys were out of water.
So, Jackson and I toted them some cold water. And by "toted" I mean we hauled it on the gator.
These pigs were so funny, I had to go back in for my camera.
They drank up the water with such enthusiasm, Jackson and I just laughed at them!
After they got their fill, they dumped one container out on the ground so they could lay in it.

This gal decided to just get in the tub!

Jackson and I had a good time watching her wiggle herself down in the container trying to get as much of her as possible in the water.
Crazy pig.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School

It finally happened.
The year all of my children went to school!
 And yes, I'm still "catching up".  William and Isabelle are back at St. Bernard. Their first day was August 14th.
Isabelle is in the first grade now- 

She looks rather pained in this photo, but she was very excited!

All lined up with some of her classmates!

William is one of the "big" kids, he's in the 5th grade.

He couldn't have been more thrilled to see all of his friends again.

As for our big girls... Elizabeth is a 7th grader... her first year of public school. To make me even more nervous, the Junior high is in the same building as the Senior high. ugh. Marieke is a junior. They started August 17th, and were so very happy to have some days at home without William and Isabelle.

Logan is a junior too, but he started three days later than the girls, so no photo. bummer.

None of them were excited about school, but all were delighted to see friends every day!

Jackson, Jackson. My sweet baby boy.

He was all ready for school in the days before, talking about it, so happy to be a big boy.. but on the morning of his first day- not so much. He wanted to stay home with his daddy.

His teacher, Mrs. Dils was super sweet and let me sit with him for a minute. He tends to cry and cling to my leg when I need to leave him somewhere. Fortunately, Mrs. Dils has a combine and a field of corn that need to be harvested in his class room.

I was perfectly fine with all of them off to school. Even Jackson. Not a tear.

But, when I picked him up that first day, I got a little choked up~ he looked so grown up with his backpack on. *sniff, sniff*