Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hidden Treasures

Do you ever wish that the place you lived was known for something? No, not the Egg Capitol of the world. Or the home of the largest ball of wax. You know, something cool. Like Key West (Jimmy Buffett's home), or Tupelo, MS (Elivis' birthplace) OR, Santa Cruz de La Palma, Canary Islands (Birthplace of Manolo Blahnik)? THAT would be cool.

Yesterday, while spending time with two of my favorite people, Beth and Tracy, they introduced me to Ellen Stouffer. Not familiar? She is an amazing artist located here in our little county. She designs things for the Lang Company. She does amazing work, and most of all, she is a wonderful, down to earth person, who could be just any one's neighbor! How fun to mingle with celebrities!

Side note: Beth and Tracy are really famous too. They just don't want people to know. They like their private lives to stay private.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to School

I thought I should post these before next year... This is the first day of school. They both were so very excited. We, of course were late, I had to throw the car into "Park", jump out, take a quick pic, and have them RUN into class. It would be just like me to have tardies on the first day...

3rd grade.

I cannot believe we have a person that is 9.

See the big girl shoes? When she tried them on the night before, she said "oh Mom, I feel like a 4th grader". I could barely hide my laugh!

1st grade.

Wow. I've said it before, those girls, I just know that they are fine, but this boy, well, he NEEDS me. I dread the day when he decides he needs another woman.

AWW. He is still my little boy.

I'm tired. and Cranky.

Do you ever just have one of those days? I am. And it's barely just begun. Let me tell you about it, and then maybe I can just be over it. It all started last night. Ok, yesterday afternoon. I was framing a portrait, and dropped the glass on my foot. Not only did it hurt like a "bee sting in hale", but I ruined the portrait in the process. Of course, this was the second attempt to frame this project, and the client is WAITING. Waiting longer now. I then had a 5 O'clock meeting, that went well, but by the time I got home it was 6:30. Since I was not home, the carpool dropped the big kids to Ryan where he is chopping corn at the neighbors. When I went to get them, Will, in his NEW WHITE uniform shirt had grease and dirt all over it. I do not think I will be able to get it out. What do you treat first? the grease? the dirt? AHH. My wonderful neighbor, who is weekly blessing me with green beans, can easily see my frustration, exhaustion, utter despair, and lovingly offers me sweet corn ( ours is long done) for dinner along with not 1, but 2 beautiful cantaloupes. On the way home, I realize that we forgot the backpacks, turn around to retrieve them...grr. Quickly made dinner, that was really the high point! Fresh sweet corn, GOOD. Fresh cantaloupe, GOOD. New potatoes, (my garden!) GOOD! And then on to homework. I hate homework. I do not have the patience to help Will with his 1st Grade homework, I just have a difficult time explaining simple math facts...and as for Elle's 3rd grade work...well I just usually don't understand it at all. BATHS. Feed the rabbits, Feed the Chicken, Water the goats...Feed the dog & cats...Listen to Will read. And for you other Mom's out there that are not born teachers, listening to a 1st grader read sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me. I HATE it. (it really is that patience thing again, and I need to work on it.) Mind you, the entire time we are in the middle of this dinner-homework-bath chaotic dance, there is much yelling, crying, arguing...AHH! FINALLY everyone is in bed. At 9:30, not the hoped-for 8:30. I really needed to shower, pick up the house, unload the dishwasher, fold the laundry, and the list goes on. But, since we are in this weird time warp where we have a winter schedule with all of our summer work, I snapped beans instead. Fell asleep on the couch. And as for this morning. All of you who know me, know that mornings just are not my strong suit. And these poor kids are tired. We have to dig through the laundry baskets to find uniforms, pack lunches, tie shoes, brush teeth.. throw them in the car with a pop tart to meet the carpool. It is a healthy breakfast. They are made with whole grains! (justification). Our car is a mess. You never really know what you are going to find. Or smell. This morning, though we were pleasantly surprised! It smelled like the cantaloupe we had left in our haste to get through our nightly ritual. As we were driving along, the smell quickly changed...into... something bad. What is THAT??? a pile of POOP on the passenger seat floor. "IS THERE A CAT IN THE CAR?" I yelled. Elle responds. "No, if there was I would hear it". Will's turn: "There was, I already took it out". Can you just imagine that horrible feeling? And as I look back to see if Will has his shoes tied, I see the cantaloupe. The beautiful cantaloupe my loving neighbor gave me. THE CAT HAD ATE IT. No wonder the car smelled good. So, here I sit, venting my frustrations with a cup of international coffee, adjusting my attitude before I have to go to work. On a high note, I get to have lunch with my dear, dear friend Teresa. I need a shower. But, I think I'll go snuggle in bed with my little princess Bea...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In-utero celebrity status

Not quite Jolie-Pitt status, but close!
Monday we had an ultra-sound to make sure that everything is growing correctly with the baby. We had such a FABULOUS time! Our baby was laying in the perfect position, and the radiologist asked if she could use OUR ultra-sound & OUR baby to demonstrate the Hospital's new equipment at their up-coming open house! We were delighted! The baby was awake, we saw all of it's organs, it yawn, and suck it's thumb! It was totally amazing. The baby also has Ryan's feet. Elle does too, and she thinks it is so fun!
We really are having a fabulous time with this event! All the kids are excited, and now that I know that everything is there, and the baby is growing fine, approximately 1 lb and 6 ounces! I am anxious to get ready. Only 16 weeks left!
Our Beautiful Baby!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Women of Faith

Several weeks ago I invited my Mother to attend the Women of Faith conference with me. We had a wonderful time with each other (we always do) and with some other GREAT friends of mine. The conference was FABULOUS. If you've never been, I would totally recommend it. The shopping...FABULOUS. I came home with new shoes AND a new bag. The food...well. Let me tell you about the food. First it was my friend Kathie's Birthday, and well, we thought we would let her pick the place. ( How can you go wrong in downtown Indy???) We went wrong.
Way wrong.

I am positive that our waitress has told ALL of her friends about "Those Christian Women" that she served. But more than that, what about that pregnant girl and her Amish mom she posed with? Yikes. I don't even want to think about it.
oh. And as a little side note, the food was not great. I don't even think I would call it good. SO, the next time you hear: "Yeah, but the FOOD is good". You can laugh in his face.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Budding Genius

You know how some parents have great aspirations for their children? I don't. Never really even thought about it much. I've only really ever wanted 3 things for them,
1. Strong Faith.
2. Compassion.
3. Integrity.
ok, maybe 4.
I want them to have their OWN aspirations. But this boy of ours. I think he may be a budding photographer. He nabbed my camera the last day at camp, and look at the great shots he got. They are better than mine!

Camp coordinator. Taken by the young man himself.

His new friend.

One of his counselors. But look, all in focus, the subject is in the center, flash is good....

As for subject matter.... he's 6.

Interesting light/shadows yes?

He's seen far to many tropical vacation photos to know better than to pass by a beautiful plant...

I think it is interesting how he's made the suitcase perfectly horizontal in the photo...

And this... he took for his Papa. Not his best shot, but his intention was good.

Probably should have taken the straw wrapper out of the was his first day.

As for this one...well. He was tired. And hungry. And wanted to sit on his Mom's disappearing lap... But isn't the lighting good??

Do you offer summer camps Kim?

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Is anyone else as tickled as I am with all the fun things that "Google" is doing with their web page? I think I am going to have to go there everyday...if I need their services or not!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Missy Pants

Ok, so 2 may come with it's own issues, but some of those issues are kinda fun. take little Missy Pants here. I love Bea in these little "pig tales" The remind me of mine when I was little. She likes them sometimes too. but not this day. "I no not pig tales"
But, when I broke out the camera to get a shot, hmm...I'll look...
And when I asked her to funny! she knows how to cheese for the camera!

Even here. When her poor little friend is so upset, our little Missy Pants smiles on command!

Side Note: I am fully aware that she is to old for a pacifier. And when we get ready, we'll get rid of it. Right now, neither of her parents are ready.

Oh, and if you would like to see her 2 year photos, click here: and click on "Bea".


I am NOT a camper. Every time my old friend Lisa and I would try to camp out behind my house it rained. HARD. And you know, really, waking up in the middle of the night with the tent collapsed on top of you with the rain coming in and running to the house is just not a fond memory of mine. Especially when I think about the hours it took to set up the tent, tote the sleeping bags, pillows, snacks, magazines, bug spray, more snacks, flashlight...and then we had to clean up the whole wet mess the next day. But SOMEHOW my kids love camping. And it is really easy to just shell out the cash, pack them up and drop them off. They have a great time, I do not have to do any of the "campy" stuff: s'mores (I HATE those sticky things) the stinky campfire, showers with your flip flops on, hot cabins, and most horrible of all: LAKE SWIMMING. YUCK!

So these are the photos I have of these kids.....

Elle is in the sunglasses. She is so excited about camp starting that she cannot even say goodbye. Seriously.
And here she is consoling her friend. Who was CRYING because her mom was leaving her. But not my child. She is to busy to say "I love you too".
We drop the kids on Sunday afternoon and pick them up Tuesday afternoon. All the campers give a little program so the parents can see what they learned. Because we all know that those kids don't tell us... Can you tell how excited she was to see me? It was even her birthday...and still she was just ticked off because her Dad was unable to make it. What am I? chopped liver?
This is the next week when I dropped Will off. He told me "goodbye", AND "I love you". those little boys will just melt your heart.
This is how happy he was to see me. This is the reaction I needed! You know, Elle could rule the world if someone gave her the reins....but this little boy... I worry about him!

Yes, yes he did shove his way to the front of the crowd so that his mommy could see him....awww.