Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In-utero celebrity status

Not quite Jolie-Pitt status, but close!
Monday we had an ultra-sound to make sure that everything is growing correctly with the baby. We had such a FABULOUS time! Our baby was laying in the perfect position, and the radiologist asked if she could use OUR ultra-sound & OUR baby to demonstrate the Hospital's new equipment at their up-coming open house! We were delighted! The baby was awake, we saw all of it's organs, it yawn, and suck it's thumb! It was totally amazing. The baby also has Ryan's feet. Elle does too, and she thinks it is so fun!
We really are having a fabulous time with this event! All the kids are excited, and now that I know that everything is there, and the baby is growing fine, approximately 1 lb and 6 ounces! I am anxious to get ready. Only 16 weeks left!
Our Beautiful Baby!

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Lisa (the mom) said... Best Blogger Tips

CONGRATULATIONS! That is the only part I liked about being pregnant, seeing the babies and feeling them kick. The rest of the time I was miserable. (Guess that's why we're stopping at two!) Enjoy the next few weeks and sleep if the kids will let you!

islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

It is beautiful!!