Thursday, August 7, 2008


I am NOT a camper. Every time my old friend Lisa and I would try to camp out behind my house it rained. HARD. And you know, really, waking up in the middle of the night with the tent collapsed on top of you with the rain coming in and running to the house is just not a fond memory of mine. Especially when I think about the hours it took to set up the tent, tote the sleeping bags, pillows, snacks, magazines, bug spray, more snacks, flashlight...and then we had to clean up the whole wet mess the next day. But SOMEHOW my kids love camping. And it is really easy to just shell out the cash, pack them up and drop them off. They have a great time, I do not have to do any of the "campy" stuff: s'mores (I HATE those sticky things) the stinky campfire, showers with your flip flops on, hot cabins, and most horrible of all: LAKE SWIMMING. YUCK!

So these are the photos I have of these kids.....

Elle is in the sunglasses. She is so excited about camp starting that she cannot even say goodbye. Seriously.
And here she is consoling her friend. Who was CRYING because her mom was leaving her. But not my child. She is to busy to say "I love you too".
We drop the kids on Sunday afternoon and pick them up Tuesday afternoon. All the campers give a little program so the parents can see what they learned. Because we all know that those kids don't tell us... Can you tell how excited she was to see me? It was even her birthday...and still she was just ticked off because her Dad was unable to make it. What am I? chopped liver?
This is the next week when I dropped Will off. He told me "goodbye", AND "I love you". those little boys will just melt your heart.
This is how happy he was to see me. This is the reaction I needed! You know, Elle could rule the world if someone gave her the reins....but this little boy... I worry about him!

Yes, yes he did shove his way to the front of the crowd so that his mommy could see him....awww.

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