Thursday, May 31, 2012

Art Award

Elizabeth with her art teacher and principal.

Every year our little school participates in an art program called "Symphony in Color".

It is a great program where the art teachers introduce students to symphonic music, and the students draw what they hear.  I love it.

This year, Elizabeth was one of the finalist.

The local art council recognizes the young artist with a "tea" (lemonade and cookies)- and their picture in the paper.

Elizabeth thought it was a great way to get out of class!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Same Game, New Players

 Spring soccer has arrived... with a rookie player at our house.

Look at that form!

I think she's seen enough throw-ins in her short little life, she's got it down.

She loves playing. Well, she loves putting on her "gear" with Elizabeth and William, she loves that her game is first, she loves having a water bottle, she loves seeing her friends every Saturday morning, she loves going to Lily's house while the big kids play. She LOVES being a big kid on a soccer team!

There's a lot of this: "Taking a Knee". In kindergarten soccer, there are lots of injuries. Lots.

Elizabeth is so happy to finally be playing with the "BIGS". Sixth, seventh & eighth graders. Have any of you seen eighth grade boys lately? they are big. I cringe a little when they run into each other- she usually just "bounces" off of them- and she doesn't seem to mind the bruises.

Nice action shot, eh?

William, William, William.  The boy is a wild card. Nothing ever matches. shorts/shirt, socks, even his shin guards are mis-matched.

I was kind of surprised when he said he wanted to play, seeing how he does a lot more yelling than playing. He agreed to take a break from Taekwondo during soccer-  because this mom was NOT interested in driving a child every single night of the week to something.


Saturday morning at the soccer field... where all the cool people hang out.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

After That Last Post, You'll Not Be Surprised...

To find out that yet a different group of cows got out this morning...

An hour later they were finally all back in, and I had a collection:

A pair of yellow flip-flops, school shoes with socks, one lone croc, and a pair of underwear?

At one point, I was up to my knees- yes, both of them, in mud/poop.


I've scrubbed.

A Day In The Life of a Dairy Farmer's Wife

Drag myself out of bed at 7:20am.

Throw on some clothes, turn on the crock pot, switch the laundry, quickly get the kids around, drive them to school.

Drive home. Have coffee and Raisin Bran. Crunchy.

Check on my freshly potted flowers, arrange them on the porch.

Pull some weeds and have Jackson feed them to the goats.

Try to keep the entire herd milking herd from crossing the road.

Try to call my husband and let him know that our herd is on the move.

He didn't answer.

I started yelling when the cows decided to split up.

Yelling, he heard.

They crossed the road.

Ran "Holstein Sprints" in my orthopedic flip-flops.  Keeping them from running down the road.

Back in the house to work on over-due paper work. Unsuccessful.

Try to find a sitter for Jackson.  For tomorrow.

Entertained Ryan's appointment until he came in the house.

Met the vet, and help him perform a minor surgery on a sick cow. (displaced abdomen. I found the extension cord for the clippers and held the stomach while he stitched.)

Realize one of our Jr. High cows is out- tell Ryan.  I'm still holding the stomach.

Take the fastest shower of the century.

Look out the window and see Elizabeth's goats headed for my flower beds.  (Naked trumps ANYTHING Ryan is doing, so he puts them back in.)

Throw my work bags in the car. (Thank goodness I packed them the day before)

Call Elizabeth's art teacher and ask if she can take Elizabeth to her awards program... I'm going to be late.

Make it to Elizabeth's program in the nick of time!

My first work appointment- County Jail.  Highlight of my week.

Realize I forgot something for my next appointment... quick trip to the grocery.

Second/last appointment- Residential home for troubled kids.  Highly entertaining.

4:45pm, stop and get "lunch" on my way home.

Clean out both cars.

Yell at William and Isabelle repeatedly to "DO YOUR HOMEWORK"

Load the dishwasher.

Help Jackson put a pig back in.

Pack Ryan's bag. (Elizabeth's 6th grade class trip to Chicago!)

Help Elizabeth pack her bag.

Put away half the crap I cleaned out of the car.

Put the kids to bed.

Go to the barn to talk to Ryan and get Jackson.

Feed Jackson dinner.

Crash on the couch.

In the spirit of being honest, this is so NOT what I usually do.  My job is to "bring home the bacon". Care for the kids, house, etc.  I DO NOT have daily "farming" responsibilities. Unless you consider feeding my husband, and perhaps an employee or two, or six any given day- yes, I do that.  I do not feed calves, and I cannot drive a tractor.  Again, I bring home the bacon. aka: insurance.

On another note, I found out this morning that the dry cows got out last night- Think we need to take some classes on fence making???

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Isabelle Josephine

Last Saturday was Isabelle's 6th birthday!

And we partied all weekend!

Nana, Jackson and a very sleepy birthday girl

Friday night we went to the local Mexican restaurant with Nana & Papa.

Saturday morning, a birthday candle in her sprinkle donut.

Fancy glasses for her birthday lunch, and a very special "kitty cake".

And then her little brother swooped in,

and blew out her candles!

Sunday afternoon we celebrated with some good friends, and called it a weekend!

The Baker

Our little princess:

Isabelle Josephine
April 28, 2012