Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Same Game, New Players

 Spring soccer has arrived... with a rookie player at our house.

Look at that form!

I think she's seen enough throw-ins in her short little life, she's got it down.

She loves playing. Well, she loves putting on her "gear" with Elizabeth and William, she loves that her game is first, she loves having a water bottle, she loves seeing her friends every Saturday morning, she loves going to Lily's house while the big kids play. She LOVES being a big kid on a soccer team!

There's a lot of this: "Taking a Knee". In kindergarten soccer, there are lots of injuries. Lots.

Elizabeth is so happy to finally be playing with the "BIGS". Sixth, seventh & eighth graders. Have any of you seen eighth grade boys lately? they are big. I cringe a little when they run into each other- she usually just "bounces" off of them- and she doesn't seem to mind the bruises.

Nice action shot, eh?

William, William, William.  The boy is a wild card. Nothing ever matches. shorts/shirt, socks, even his shin guards are mis-matched.

I was kind of surprised when he said he wanted to play, seeing how he does a lot more yelling than playing. He agreed to take a break from Taekwondo during soccer-  because this mom was NOT interested in driving a child every single night of the week to something.


Saturday morning at the soccer field... where all the cool people hang out.

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