Friday, October 28, 2011

Angle Family Fun Day Fall 2011

Two weeks ago after work, we threw the kids and all of our stuff (besides our bathroom bag) and headed to my parents house for Angle Family Fun Day Fall 2011.

Ryan and I took traded off driving and made it almost to St. Louis before Ryan decided he couldn't stay awake any longer.

The kids woke us up at the crack of dawn- no joke.  We were downstairs for breakfast by 6:30am. Back on the road soon after!  We made it to Mom and Dad's in time for lunch.

We had a great time with my brothers.  Minus one.  My oldest brother Ben and sister-in-law stayed home with their new little baby.  We sure missed them though.

I took lots of photos and I plan to show you the majority!

The kids had so much fun wrestling with each other in the basement.

Making "sandwiches" with cousin Lena.

Hanging on the bar- a favorite activity for the little people. A workout for the grown-up lifting them up there.

All of the grand kids in a row.  The three big ones are to big to "hang".

And then they fell, one by one!

Of course, then they wanted to get wild and crazy.  And everyone had a turn upside down.

Even the big kids.

By his toes...

being tickled,

some needed more help than others...

Even Papa got in on the action!

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