Thursday, October 20, 2011


a beginning and the end.

This fall, not only did Elizabeth and William play soccer, Isabelle did too!

She was so very excited.  We've been taking Elizabeth and/or William to practice or games for as long as she can remember.  She felt so grown up being able to play on her very own team!  Her team met for an hour for four Saturdays.

Miss Isabelle - third from the left.

William started practice with his team early September.  They practiced once a week with inter-squad games on Saturday mornings.  They also had two games where they played teams from adjoining school districts.  William was the goalie most of the time, and did a really good job.  He is so supportive of his team mates.  He's going to be the best wing-man ever.

Elizabeth has been practicing since August. Her team got going even before school started.  They practiced two to four times a week, with the occasional practice on Saturday. Her age group is a "travel" team, only playing teams from other school districts. She had one game a week for the last six weeks.  In addition to the practices of course. Elizabeth played the "forward" position this fall and loved it.  "The forward," she told me, "is the position who scores the goals." ah ha. This week at her awards dinner, she was the only girl on her team to score all season. All the other goals were from boys.  You should have seen the smile on her face!

I am so ready for a free Saturday! Well, a Saturday to do what I want anyway.  I have BIG plans for my Mother-in-law and me this weekend!

I did have a sobering moment at Elizabeth's last game.  IF, all three of my children continue to play soccer, and Jackson joins them in two years, my week is going to be totally shot getting these kids to and from games and practice... ugh.

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islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

apparently you have become a true soccer mom! I am soooo proud of Elizabeth! I will live my sporting life through her. :)