Saturday, December 3, 2011


Last weekend one of our long-time babysitters got married.

Happy for her. Not so happy for me.

She's moving to Pennsylvania. So, so not happy for me.

Several months ago, she asked all of our children to participate in the wedding.  They all were so excited! Elizabeth greeted the guest, took their gifts, and helped served coffee at the reception- immediately following the wedding.  William was a "bus boy" and picked up plates/cups/silverware when everyone was finished. He took his job very seriously- "Seven bags, Mom!".  "I picked up SEVEN bags, just me!".  Isabelle and Jackson helped the groom's nephew carry the rug down the aisle.

Rehearsal. Isabelle was all about it.  Jackson? much bribing. I was for sure he was going to throw a royal "3 year old fit" on Saturday.

I was wrong! All three of them got the job done! *phew*

I did not take very many photos... The photographer was doing a great job, and I know how annoying it is when everyone wants to get their own shots in. That being said, I sure wish I could see them!

Here are a few I took:

The Mother of the Bride made Isabelle and Elizabeth's dresses- They both looked beautiful. Isabelle just loved it. She also loved being the only one to "match the bride".

With the Maid of Honor, *sister-twin* of the bride.  Also one of the best babysitters ever!

Reading books while we waited. I was sure to pack lots of toys, snacks, books and other entertainment! It was a long wait all afternoon, but they did really great.  The wedding was lovely, and a wonderful memory for all the children.

Congratulations Alex & Jaima!

oh, and I CANNOT WAIT to see some professional photos....

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Leticia said... Best Blogger Tips

Girl! You need a great big hug!!! That photog thanks you a thousand times over! ;) Let's just hope she still got some amazing pics! Yours are great!