Monday, December 26, 2011

And a wonderful time was had by all...

I hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours!

We started our Christmas off at church on Christmas Eve- a beautiful candlelight service with Christmas Carols.  Elizabeth had a solo when the youth sang.  We love to listen to her, and I think she enjoys it as well.

Ryan's parents and our friends Adam & Stacy with their two girls joined us for Christmas Eve dinner after the service. A very relaxing time visiting, catching up.  From the sounds coming from the upstairs, the kids had a pretty good time too. Not quite so relaxing maybe. (on a side note, this is the first time in years that I have not had presents to wrap after the kids went to bed! yay me! I had one toy to put together after Jackson fell asleep, and my father-in-law helped me with that!)

Christmas morning the kids were very super excited to see all the presents under the tree!

Even though the three older kids know there will be presents, it is still the most fun for me to see the surprise and excitement on their faces when they come into the living room! As for Jackson? he had no idea what was about to happen!

He sure does love his little "cozy coupe"!
Later in the day, after the kids had all dispersed somewhere else, he was looking at the tree, and said to me: "Mama, opening presents was so much fun!"

Isabelle was delighted with her first American Girl doll, "Kit", and all the accessories that came with her.  Mommy got a little carried away with the shoes...  The 'princess lipstick' is a big hit too.

William loves his Nintendo 3ds. It is so much fun to give them gifts they did not ask for!

Elizabeth totally understands how we do Christmas gifts- One big gift, and several small ones, usually staying within a certain price range.  She made it very clear she wanted an ipod touch. and leather slippers. aviator sunglasses. hair mousse. itunes gift cards.  We played a little trick on her. Mean parents that we are.

Here she is, happy to get a watch she loves, and didn't ask for-

After opening the sunglasses-very happy!

Then, she realized all the gifts were opened. The sad look on her face was well, sad. She didn't want to seem ungrateful, but she was clearly disappointed. And then, we 'found' one more gift...

Sheer joy opening "MY IPOD TOUCH!"  I  love making my kids happy!

He "wubs" his new animals-a lion, Labrador, pig, and penguin pair.  I'm certain they were all "milked" withing the hour.

The rest of the day was so  relaxing! It looked pretty much like this:

Except for the two hours we went to our local museum. A fun family outing visiting  our friend Tracy who was working.

Fabulous memories!

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Jangle said... Best Blogger Tips

Cooper got a cozy coupe, too. All other new Christmas toys do not exist anymore...

cmhalley said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like a perfect holiday! The kids looked soo happy! That is the greatest gift of all!

islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

I think her ipod touch has the same cover as mine. good choice. :)