Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Calves

Ryan mentioned last week that he to wanted to go to an auction in Michigan to pick up a few calves.

Apparently we're low.

Yesterday, when he came in the house after morning milking to round up the big kids, he invited me to go along. I politely declined.  I had bigger plans. That involved coffee and a couch.

After helping William find every single piece of clothing he needed up, down, in, out and around, I reminded  Elizabeth to put her hair up and they were off. 

They arrived back home at 7:30pm all excited to show us the new calves. I bundled up Jackson and Isabelle and we headed down to the barn to check out the new additions to our herd.

Not only did we find some really cute, really hungry calves, we found a stressed out daddy and two tired kids.

In the dark, in the snow, in the wind, in the mud, muck and poop, 20 hutches were bedded, 40 calves were unloaded, and 40 bottles were fed.

Two hours later, we were all back in the house. Cold. Wet. Hungry.


They are really cute in the daylight aren't they?!

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FarmGirl said... Best Blogger Tips
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FarmGirl said... Best Blogger Tips

How cute, if one goes missing don't look at me okay;)