Monday, June 21, 2010

Maternal Guilt and the Indianapolis Colts

Monday of the crazy-busy VBS week, a friend mentioned to me that the Indianapolis Colts would be in town as a part of their "Colts Country" meet and greet.  And why would we want to stand in a steaming hot parking lot for hours to get the autograph of some player that we're not sure we've ever seen?  Maternal Guilt.

Somehow, someway, something in me changed over the last year, in addition to sudden, unexplained cry bouts, I now have an enormous amount of maternal guilt.  I'm blaming my friends for these new emotions.  You know who you are.

And how, you may ask does maternal guilt come into play with the Colts??  Well, my kids should want to see them right? It's summer, we should be doing FUN things, right? How often does a NFL team ( a super-bowl winning one I might add...) come to town??  Why should my sanity come into play?

So we went.

This guy met us at the entrance.

The ever so hot parking lot, and the long line.

William climbing the "rock wall".

The kids and the Colt.

Football toss.

Finally, the talent.
Jamey Richard and Jaimie Thomas.

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