Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Happy Ending to a Crappy Week

It's been a long week.  In addition to the babysitter taking the week off, we had Vacation Bible School and Relay for Life (yes, second time this year!). Now, I know that it sounds pretty lame, but it really takes the "ump" right out of me if we have evening activities.  Not to mention every evening.  I do find it odd, that if I skip picking up the house or loading the dish washer just one time, it takes a whole day to catch up.  Usually Saturday, when I have other things I'd rather be doing.

Today, when my bestest, T. called and asked if we wanted to go to the library, I suggested that we also have a picnic lunch at the park.  What could be better? A nice quiet library, the kids love it there, and then all their energy out at the park, everyone will take nice long naps right??  Just what we need after last week.  It was perfect.

And you know what was even better?  There was a box waiting for me when I got home.

Although I've been a BIG fan of the TOMS organization for some time,  I had never purchased a pair of their shoes because I thought they were ugly.  Several weeks ago when a friend of mine sent me the email that TOMS were coming out with a new style, I knew I had to have a pair!

I wore them all day.  They are probably the most comfortable shoe in my closet.

As I sit here, I am thinking about giving, and figuring out how God wants us to give, and how much He wants us to give, and I remember someone saying once: "You should give until you are slightly uncomfortable." Ha!  there is nothing uncomfortable about these!!

Post Note.  This was to be posted Monday night.  But, I fell asleep watching the bachelorette. 

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Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Those are ADORABLE!!! Maybe next year I'll be back in heel wearing condition. Red toenails would be so cute peeping through those things. Cute.

Kimberly and Elizabeth said... Best Blogger Tips

I too, like you have LOVED the idea of TOMS so much, the styles though, not so much. But these???? These shoes are a must have, thanks for sharing!


islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

Absolutely green with jealousy! I have been dreaming of these from the moment I saw a sketch of them months ago.....Thank God I got a job and might be able to afford some soon! :)

Goddess Divine said... Best Blogger Tips

Love them! Glad to know they are comfy too. I might have to get some...