Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Last Two Weeks Of My Life

It's been a busy 10 days for me. I hate when my life gets so busy I have no time to document it!

I think I'm over the second grade drama. I spoke with the principal, and feel better after having vented. At this point, we'll be lucky to get that boy through high school. Poor kid is having a rough time. This week, he put a penny over the eye on our garage door sensor. When he realized that the door would not work with the penny still in there, he ripped the sensor off of the bracket and cut the wires with a knife. AND THEN he threw the whole kit and caboodle in with the heifers. As in MANURE. Yes, we had a long talk about coming to your parents when you have a small problem, and how each decision he made, made it into a bigger problem, and the biggest problem being that he lied about it. Grr. Maybe we should just be happy if we keep him out of jail.

We had a wonderful time with our house full of company two weekends ago. It was a great time for me, remembering my up-bringing and introducing my children to an event that forever changed my life. It was also an alarming reminder of exactly how old I am! Running into an old friend and reminiscing was a definite highlight of the weekend.

Elizabeth's class watched chicks hatch, and William's class observed the process of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Both, the highlight of their school year.

A hot air balloon floated gently by our house one evening.

We had ice cream on the porch,

and the kids swam in the little kiddie pool.

Ryan has been busy in the field, this was a better day- he was baling hay the day before, hot, Hot, HOT!

I organized my closet. Had to make room for my bags I unpacked. Made me wonder... What does owning a pair of Jessica Simpson's shoes say about me?

How about two pairs?? And liking Amanda Bynes? What does that say about a 30 something mom of four?

Bought myself something at the John Deere Store.

Who knew they carried pin holders? And the fabric underneath? A new dress for me.

We snuggled and kissed little Cooper Mack, the cutest baby in the world. (since December 2006 anyway.) We love his Mommy and Daddy, and now we love him! Smelling him just about jump started me back lactating, but we left before he cried. *phew*

Elizabeth and I picked 22 pounds of strawberries. We've enjoyed strawberry milkshakes, strawberries over ice cream, and strawberry shortcake. Depending on how I feel, a strawberry pie may be our dessert tonight.

My baby was sick yesterday. He had a low grade fever all day. Poor little guy finally fell asleep at 1:45pm, coughing in his sleep at 2, he vomited all over me. I had planned on working at home, but the only thing I got accomplished was a shower. His fever was gone this morning, so he was off to the sitter.

Yesterday was the last day of school, and we all are so happy. No homework for 10 weeks!
"And all of God's people say: AMEN."

Last Thursday my supervisor took me and two of my co-workers for a "retreat" day at a local spa. We all got facials and pedicures. OPI has a Hong Kong line, and it turns out,

"Jade IS the new Black"

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Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Phew! I'm exhausted.

Enjoy the slowness of summer, and no homework!