Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Party, Party, Party, Party, Party.

Life has been one big party. Or, in our case, several small ones. Five as a matter of fact.

Last Wednesday was costume day at school. Elizabeth was St. Elizabeth of Hungary, much to my delight. She had a report on Saint Elizabeth due last week that required a costume, and *poof* she was happy to wear it Wednesday as well. Please note Joe, Elle's classmate on the far left. He dressed up as an old woman! He even painted his nails it was so fun!

William was a Hobo. He wanted to be a "Hippie", but he had no idea what a "Hippie" is. So Hobo it was. Now, most days I have absolutely no excuse for my lack of enthusiasm for Halloween, but this year, I'm pleading house.

Last Thursday and Friday was fall break, and one of my wonderful friends had a little Halloween party Friday afternoon. The kids had a great time playing the fun fall games she planned, eating the yummy snacks she made, and general yelling, screaming and wrestling with their friends.

A sweet, quiet moment between siblings. They are truly rare, and I think it's incredibly cute.

The girls put on a little dance for us!

And Jackson was content to chew on the camera strap, and soak up all the attention from the other mommies.
Friday evening was our friends annual Halloween party. Tasha outdid herself, as usual.

Isabelle was delighted to find a "ghost" in her punch!

The food and decorations were "spooktacular!"
In the past, Terry has had some type of hayride, grain truck adventure, but this year, it was rainy and cold so no hayride for us. But that was ok, we took rides in this instead:

The famous "Cow Limo". No joke. It mooed, farted, shot water out it's udder, and "pooped" brown ping pong balls. The kids thought it was FABULOUS. Thanks Terry & Tasha! It'll be a party we'll remember for a long time!

Ryan was needed to navigate!
Saturday afternoon we were invited to a trick or treat party, that we passed on because we moved the kids bed's into their new rooms!
Saturday evening the Dad's in the neighborhood took the kids trick or treating, and then we all met up for hot dogs at Lee & Julie's. It may seem small, but I loved that little bit of time with just Jackson here at the house! (insert the photo's I have in my memory, not my camera :( )
Sunday we had an 80th birthday party for a sweet family friend.
Thank goodness for daylight savings time... the kids are ready to go to bed early, and wake up happily on time!
I think we'll have another BIG weekend ahead of us, and I am determined to take pictures!

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