Tuesday, October 26, 2010

One of the Most Stressful Things...

I have the kids pictures taken at least once a year at a professional photographers.  Not because I cannot get a decent photo on my own, because I cannot afford the blood pressure medication it would take to get me through a session with these kids:

I used to take the kids to a department store every year for Christmas photos.  It was awful.  After trying to schedule the appointment for the "perfect time", scouring store after store for the "perfect, matching outfits", packing a bag with anything we may need, wipes, comb, extra shirts, snacks, drink, (ones that will not stain or make a mess) driving over an hour, dressing them all, keeping them off the floor while we waited our turn, begging, pleading, bribing them to: "look here", "smile", "look at me", "get your finger out of your nose", (mouth, ear, hair, or siblings nose, mouth ear) "look here".  It. Was. Awful.

So, while my dear friend Kimberly is in the shoot room trying to wrangle a smile, or even just everyone in the shot, I'm out front:

with my hand wrapped around a cup of joe.  No stress here.

Looking for stress free holiday portraits?  Portraits by Kimberly

Even though Portraits by Kimberly does know who I am, she in no way reimbursed my for this shameless plug. 

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Kimberly and Elizabeth said... Best Blogger Tips

Awww, thank you Sarah! You are FABULOUS! And it was so fun catching up with you over coffee while Kimberly worked, albeit not to hard because your kids did so well!


Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

And...the pictures you send each year are adorable!