Saturday, October 30, 2010

Flower Girl Envy

Last Saturday we were invited to two weddings.  I know right?  We have not been invited to a wedding in a long time, and then, two in one day.  At the same time. And the bride's? Both "Lindseys".  weird.  In typical fashion for us, we only took photos at one of the weddings.

Isabelle and her friend, Grace.  They were in LOVE with the flower girls. This wedding had two. And, oh my, they could not stop talking about them.  Touching them.  I'm pretty sure it was better than Disney World.
Everything was so beautiful.  They had the reception in a round barn the owners recently restored.  She had lots of white lights, burlap, wine colored roses, mums greenery.  Very original and fit the couple perfectly.  Sorry about the half-eaten food plates, but her center pieces were so unique, and beautiful, I had to share.  The thank you gifts on the tables were little banana breads wrapped up in burlap.  LOVE!
The dancing machine.  Jackson had so much fun!!  It was the best entertainment our family has had in a long time.  The kids were on the dance floor from the moment the music started until we dragged them off.  We had the best time watching them!  The next morning at church, when we walking in, you could hear music playing, and Jackson said: "Dance?"  so cute.

As for today, we are making more applesauce and getting ready to trick or treat tomorrow!

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