Thursday, December 2, 2010

Apples and Pears

It's official.  I am done canning for the season.  As much as I enjoy cracking open my own homemade stuff, I get kind of tired of the canner sitting in the kitchen.  Of course, I had to have one last "hurray".  Since the last batch of applesauce turned out so well, I decided to make some more.  That, and the kids have wanted to eat it everyday.  So, I drove over to our local apple orchard and purchased some "seconds" yellow delicious.

Jackson helped wash, while I cut in half.

Elizabeth cranked them through after they had cooked a bit. (She refused to look at the camera.)
These apples were a little riper? more ripe? than the last batch, so I decided not to sweeten them.  Our very own: "No Sugar Added"!

In the spirit of being a "good steward" with the things God gave us, I used my new strainer for just one more project!  I had canned some pears awhile ago (several years) that (ahem) were over - processed.  No one would eat them.  I also had several jars of pears that I did not peel before canning.  No one would eat them either.  Don't judge!!  It was a good idea at the time.  My family eats the peaches I can with the peel on, and hey- do you know how long it takes to peel pears for canning?  FOREVER.  These 30 some jars have not only been taking up space on my shelves, but have been moved twice as well.  So... I made "Pear Butter"  out with the old, in with the new!

Just like apple butter, only with pears.  Worked like a charm.  We opened and drained the jars, the kids took turns cranking them through the strainer, and I filled up my crock pots.  Three of them to be exact.  Turned them on low, and let them cook for about 24 hours. 

 Finished product on the left, fresh pot on the right!

I added cinnamon to taste about 3/4's of the way through the cooking process, and basically slow cooked until it was the consistency I wanted.  It cooked down to about half.  I did not add any sugar, because I'm sure I put sugar in the jars when I canned them originally.

What has made these jobs so easy? This:

I purchased mine at our local hardware store, but you can find them on the internet.  Search for: "Victorio juicer strainer".  Mine does not have the handy little clear extender for the garbage, but I'm thinking that it would be a fabulous addition!

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islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

ok....several things. First, I like it that Elizabeth wouldn't look at the camera. Reminds me of a younger me. She must be cool. :) Second, pear peel is nothing like peach peel. I understand why you would want to skip the peeling, but I also understand why no one wanted to eat them. Third, I want, no NEED some pear butter.

Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

I was about to ask what the handy looking contraption was...awesome! I still use a chinois (the mortar/pestle looking strainer - takes forever!!)

I think pear butter will make great gifts!