Friday, December 10, 2010

Wood. And Lots of it.

Ryan has been working really hard cutting, splitting and stacking wood for the winter.  He's gotten several phone calls in the last couple of weeks for: "Wood, free for the taking!"  And who can pass up free heat?!

He also went to my parents on Monday afternoon with my brother, Reuben, and they had a FULL day of cutting wood for my parents on Tuesday.  He got home Wednesday night about 7:30 pm, sore, but happy.

Since Tuesday has typically been my long day at work and Ryan helps with Jackson on that day, he took the little guy with him!  Jackson had a great day helping his Nana do the laundry at the nursing home, and playing with his cousin Lena.  He also came home with two new horses, his current obsession.  I know that every parent thinks their kid is the smartest one, but really, his verbal skill just amaze me.  When he was showing me his new "Hoe-sees", he told me: "Lena haf hoe-sees too."  Amazing, I know.  He'll be two next week, and his older brother did not even speak until he was 3.

While my mess maker was gone, I was fairly productive.  All that cleaning mom and I did last week brought several (ahem) unpacked boxes into the light.  I unpacked and organized twelve of them.... ( and no, I did not get finished)

Including my stationary and cards.  This is it, excluding my boxed note cards that would not fit in the basket.
I need to start writing some letters!

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marissa said... Best Blogger Tips

thanks for visiting my blog, for butternut squash I just peel and cube the squash then I pour a spoonful of olive oil on a pan then toss the squash and sprinkle it with salt, paprika, onion powder and garlic powder. My favorite is to cook up a couple strips of bacon and then toss the squash in a small amount of the greese after it's done and serve it with the crumbled bacon (you don't need much) but I think that adds a yummy layer of flavor but we did it with out the bacon last time and after it cooked at 450 for about 45 minutes I tossed a tbs of butter in the pan and stirred.

hope you like it