Thursday, September 18, 2008

We're New Here...

See these cows? they're new here. They're from Virginia.

They were rather upset about the mooove. (I had to. sorry.) We had to close up all the windows and doors because of their carrying-on.

Ever since Ryan sold the majority of our Dairy herd last spring, it has been a revolving door of animals around here. We've had mostly beef cattle, black ones usually. But we had these goats for a while. 286 of them. Really. Ask Maryhelen. She'll tell you it was a real "Goat Explosion".

We had Boer goats. Spanish goats, meat goats, milk goats, red goats, black goats, old goats, new goats, this one has a little star, this one has a little car. MY! what a lot of goats there are! (sorry. couldn't help then either.) They've since moved to Arkansas. They prefer a warmer climate...

I was excited when these arrived though. My comment to the kids was: "Oh look, they are brown cows". Both Elle and Will replied: (in unison) "They're COLORED cattle". (excuse ME. brown is a COLOR).

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