Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rainy, Relaxing Weekend

We had the most relaxing weekend since, well.. I honestly cannot remember when. Friday afternoon after my parents picked up the kids, Ryan and I headed to New Buffalo Michigan to stay at our FAVORITE getaway, the Duneland Beach Inn. After a un-interrupted shower, and a drink at the bar, (yes, mine was VERY SMALL while Ryan had a great big peach margarita...) we headed to the new casino, Four Winds. Ryan had a great time playing black-jack, and I was greatly entertained by the live band/dancers. All the while trying to read peoples faces when they see a pregnant woman at a bar. in a casino. I wasn't the only one. Probably the oldest one, but not the ONLY one. Saturday after sleeping in, and having the yummiest blueberry pancakes for breakfast, we headed out to The Round Barn Winery
to grab some Cranberry Wine for our Thanksgiving Feast. Saturday afternoon we had massages at the Womens Wellness Spa.
They do boys too... Actually, Ryan had a WHOLE HOUR, while I waited and read my book, then I had just a half hour while he waited. They do not have a bed that accommodates pregnant women. It was FABULOUS all the same. They have a B&B as well, Ryan and I have stayed there when the Duneland was full. Saturday evening we dined at the Dunelands absolutely FABULOUS restaurant. We've never stayed a B&B that has their own restaurant before the Duneland, and they know how to serve GREAT food. You know how when you go out for a great dinner, you have a couple of drinks, share an appetizer, have a salad, delicious entree, dessert with coffee, you get sleepy. And NO ONE wants to drive home? Well, here, you just walk upstairs! I had the fillet Mignon, and blueberry pie....mmhh. And the breakfast on Sunday? Just a good as the blueberry pancakes Saturday. Eggs Benedict...with hash browns. And fresh fruit with coffee of course. Boy, I sure could get used to that!
Thanks to Hurricane IKE, It rained THE ENTIRE TIME we were in New Buffalo. But we enjoyed watching movies. un-interrupted. And hot showers. un-interrupted. And conversation. un-interrupted. I think we enjoyed it more knowing that it is going to be awhile before we can go back. No guest under 9 at the Inn... so, until this little baby is done breastfeeding...we'll have the memories!

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islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice!! I have been missing the rain. But I don't want summer to end....and in California you can't have both Summer and rain....

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Fabulous! So glad you had a restful, wonderful & well deserved break...but most importanly...did you get me a bottle of vino?