Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pears Anyone?

I did something really stupid. I bought a bushel of pears. I somehow thought that my family would pick them up and eat them like they did the peaches...yeah. Not a chance. Saturday I did make a very yummy pear/apple crisp, but it only used 4. So, yesterday I decided that they had reached their peak sweetness (yes, over-ripe) and I canned 7 quarts, and made pear butter.

And that is all I did. Oh, well, the 9 loads of laundry too... but really. It took all day to peel those pears. Anyone have some suggestions for the bowl full in my fridge??

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Glamorous Life of a House Wife said... Best Blogger Tips

YUMMY! Pears. I would have snatched them up had I been at your house.

Celeste said... Best Blogger Tips

I once had some fabulous pear pie with Brook at someone's uncles house... Now I am craving it.