Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our CRAZY Busy Weekend

Whew! I am sure glad it is over! It has taken me two days to recover. Friday night after working late, Elle and I rushed into to town to take in the local elementary schools rendition of "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL". She had a Fabulous time watching her friends, and I think I am glad I've never watched the whole movie. Elle enjoys spending "big girl" time with her mom so it was worth it.

Saturday we were up and at the soccer field at 9am for practice and photos before for Elle & Will's first fall game.

Elle as goalie.

Will as goalie.

Picking his nose and contemplating his shoe choice.

Elle, in the green hat. Wishing she was in the action.

While the big kids practiced, Bea and I went to the bank, got water for the kids, coffees for the parents, and stopped at the farmers market. mmmm. Sweet corn, green beans, cantaloupe, beets, and yellow tomatoes....

Bea playing on the equipment during the game. She is "cheesing". This is right after she told me: "Mommy you no come up here." "It's dangerous". Ryan agreed. "...in your condition it probably is."

After the game we went and met Bea's new babysitter. She is very nice, she has a son that is just a few months older than Bea. And a baby due anytime. I think Bea is going to have lots of fun there.

Saturday afternoon we had house work...outside work... and then to the neighbors for a bon-fire.

Sunday morning we were at church at 8 am to make the coffee and doughnuts... We stayed at church for lunch, and then attended a seminar given by Tim Shoemaker.

It was a great seminar on easy, fun ways to have family devotions with your kids.

By the time we got home, it was time for dinner, baths, and bed....

This coming weekend we are leaving the kids at home and having a REAL relaxing weekend at our favorite get-away...hopefully next week at this time I'll be void of this haggard look I'm wearing....

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Weeksie50 said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, it looks like you guys had a fun weekend.

I loved the pictures..

The booger picking and shoe concentration picture is priceless..