Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hidden Talents

Our kids get in bed with us on a pretty regular basis. When I actually notice them crawling in, I'll roll over so they have enough room. (get out of the kick zone is more like it.)

On Thursday morning when Isabelle crawled in, she said: "I puked in my sleep".  I was wide awake.

We carried on with our morning because every good mother knows, a single episode is a fluke. She got dressed for school, and I took my shower.  While I was getting dressed in my closet, I heard her going to the bathroom. It didn't sound good. When I heard the vomiting start, I thought "Oh. No". puke everywhere

Imagine my surprise when I walk into the bathroom and find Isabelle still doing her dirty duty, and instead of vomiting on the wall across from the toilet, she has spread her legs, puking directly in the stool.  Not a drop on the outside of the stool.  That girl has got some skills!

She stayed home from school, but was feeling fine later in the afternoon.

I should not have been the least bit surprised when I did not feel well this morning. Or when Jackson and William started throwing up.  I feel much better, but both boys stomachs are still upset.

Hopefully Ryan and Elizabeth skip this go 'round.

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