Saturday, November 26, 2011

Field Trip

After the 4-H fair this summer, Elizabeth has been nagging at Ryan to get her "my own" Brown Swiss cow.

I don't think she liked her little brother getting "Breed Champion" at our county fair.

Yesterday afternoon, we drove near Fort Wayne to Blessings Farms.  They have a herd of (award winning) registered Brown Swiss Cattle.  "Mama Wiss Cows" according to Jackson.

The Blessing family owns the trucking company that hauls our milk to the processing plant. We had a great time chatting with Milan- the man who started their family farm.  Reminded me of my own Grandpa.  And Checking out the cattle.  You would have thought our kids had never seen a cow in their whole life.

Cows by nature are curious animals, but these girls were friendly!

Checking out the calves.  They bed with wood chips, and they had gotten cedar chips in the last truck- that barn smelled GOOD!

They really are pretty cute.

They show their herd around the country several times a year, so the majority of the herd is broke to lead.
William loved petting on them.

This Mama even gave him a friendly nudge with her head when he decided to pet someone else!

Jackson's fingers taste great!

Check out those eye lashes!

This was my favorite part. A cattle guard on the feed lot.  I think we should try it on our farm. Maybe I wouldn't have to chase cows as often....

Ryan turned *39* yesterday as well... Happy Birthday honey!

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