Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy, Happy Monday!!

Monday morning while I was planning out my work week, the UPS truck pulled into the driveway. Much like when I was younger and lived at home, there was a little flutter in my stomach. Does getting a package make any of you as happy as it makes me? Maybe it's the UPS man. I've never seen an unattractive one... who knows.

Being the grown-up and being one of the two people who have access to a credit card in this house, I can assume that the packages that the UPS man brings are for me.  Or Ryan. As soon as my "flutter" flipped, I thought: "Oh, that's just the rest of the supplies Ryan is expecting for the farm".  Like the last four thousand times the UPS has been here... I did not even get up to meet the delivery man.

My curiosity soon got the best of me, and to the garage I headed. And guess what?


Last week I shopped the Kate Spade One Day Sale. a little treat for myself.  Oh my.  I LOVE HER! 

Later in the day I had to run into my office and grab a few things for my dreaded annual Board Meeting. Ugh.  To find this little package on my desk:

A little white box, tied up with a pink bow.  Filled with cocoa mix and cookies!

Thank you, Thank You, to my sweet friend, Sarah xo!

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Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

She used to be one of my "loves" too. I still have quite a few tucked away in my closet, but these days I've gone "practical" in the bag arena - Haiku To-Go Bag. If someone smears peanut butter or snot on it, I don't panic. Someday I'll carry a cute KS again. (And maybe wear heels instead of Keens!)

You chose a good one though. Love the black and white!