Friday, May 20, 2011

Turkey Run State Park

The last two days I've been on a "Work Retreat".   Oxymoron right? But totally wasn't.

Every spring, the university takes us (program assistants from every county) on an overnight retreat somewhere here in Indiana.  It's two days of great programming, networking, new friends, and general relaxation. So refreshing to talk with other people who do the same kind of work-we share the good, the bad and the ugly!

I have not been able to stay overnight the last couple of years. You know- breastfeeding that baby kinda ties ya down.  But he's 2 now- drinks cows milk from a sippy cup.... and my favorite aunt agreed to keep him and Isabelle overnight.

The last two days I've been at Turkey Run State Park.  Attending seminars, networking, relaxing and hiking.  Shocking but true folks.  We even took the "Very Rugged" trail.  Impressive huh?

I even got a little practice with the "manual" setting on the camera:

ah... green. Every shade.

Yes, that was the "clearly marked trail".

Great job?  Absolutely.

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BigD said... Best Blogger Tips

Haven't been there in forever.
You're making me think I should be appreciating places that close to home a little more.
And, yeah, I agree. "Working retreat" makes no sense!