Monday, May 16, 2011

Dance Recital

Isabelle has been taking dance all winter at a studio 20 minutes from our house.  It's not always been the most fun getting her there every Friday night, but we made it most weeks.

She had two rehearsals this week, she was delighted to wear her costume at both, but oh-so delighted to wear make-up to the full dress rehearsal on Thursday.  Thanks to Kimberly for the photo shoot, because I of course, forgot to take a photo of just her all done up.

Friday was the big night:

She's the fourth from the right.

Second from the right.

In the middle.

Showing off their little kitty tales~

After the show:

With Daddy,

and Mommy.

Ryan headed home after her performance, and the two of us stayed for the rest of the show.  We had a good time watching the big kids in their tap, pointe, jazz and hip hop routines.  Isabelle loved the music and the costumes.  I know she's going to have a ball playing dress up with her costume.

On our way home we stopped for a very late dinner.  Isabelle chose Taco Bell.  It was fun to sit with just her and eat our tacos.  I realized then, that I don't spend very much time alone with her.  We almost always have Jackson with us, or Elizabeth.  She was delighted to be the one to get to do the choosing.  I don't know about your house, but at ours there is much bickering about who get to sit in the front, who's turn it is to choose whatever.  My kids argue about arguing.  No joke.

I'm glad that she felt special for one night, even if it was just being able to choose the restaurant.

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mNg said... Best Blogger Tips

Super adorable! She looks just like you :)

islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

absolutely awesome! Even though I only had one sibling I totally remember special things my parents did for just me. And YAY for a new dressup outfit! :)

Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

We do forget how important it is to spend one-on-one time, but easily reminded when we see their smiles!

Goddess Divine said... Best Blogger Tips

She looks amazing! Looks like it was a good time too.