Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mushroom Musings

Last week, after hearing our hired hand go on and on about all the mushrooms he had been finding, we decided that we wanted a little piece of the action.

Ryan's mom stayed home with the little people, and the rest of us headed out to the woods.

Not having the best record for finding the little buggers, I took my camera.

I have not seen a Trillium since we lived in Michigan.

They were beautiful.

I dated a drummer once.

The name of his band was "Trillium".

I wonder where he/they are now.

YEE HAW! I found one!

I did just what my dad said, and stood perfectly still, looked around until I found the second one!

Then the third,

and back to the flowers...



ooh, pretty fungus!

Some of my findings... I've never really seen these kind before.  The ones I have found had a bigger top.

Each Trillium looked different to me.

Oh! a white one.  I really am that easily distracted.  But isn't that what you do in the woods? Let you thoughts wander?

Two at once!
By this time, Elizabeth was completely frustrated.  She had only found one or two.  Ryan was neck and neck with his dad, and William was looking for snails.

At the end of the day, I declared myself the winner.

Our little "mess" was pretty tasty!

Sunday we decided to go out again, a different spot this time.

I found the first one,

William found the most,

and Ryan found the biggest!

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