Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pre-school Graduation

Wednesday our little Princess graduated from Pre-school.

Isabelle has learned so much this past year- and had so much fun!  She really liked her teacher, and I am fairly certain we will have a "I miss Mrs. Burlingame" melt down some time soon.

Receiving her "diploma".  Handshake, and then a hug!

She just looks like the best teacher ever doesn't she?

Emma & Isabelle
One day last week on the way to school, Isabelle informed that there was only ONE MORE field trip before school was over for EVER AND EVER.  I, gently as I could reminded her that, no, she was going to have a long summer break, and then in the fall, she would be going to the same school as the big kids- in Mrs. Benners Kindergarten class.  While she processed this, I was thinking: "Man, are the next 13 years going to be long..."  And then she pipes up with this:  "Well. You are going to have to buy me a NEW field trip shirt then."  "One with a cross."  Oh my.  How do you think she's going to feel about the uniform?

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