Friday, May 6, 2011

Farm Tour #1

Monday morning we hosted the first of three schools that will be visiting our farm this spring.  A group of seventeen pre-schoolers!

Fed, and petting the 4-H goats.
loved the horns.

A lot of kids get shy around the horses, but not this group.
They loved feeding them *fresh* grass and sweet grain.

Can you even see the calf in there?
Everyone petted, and some even let her suck on their fingers!

The main attraction.
No joke.
They all kept asking: "Where is the tractor?"
"Can we drive it?"

Cookies and Milk!

Thanks for coming!

Round two this afternoon!


Round #2!
 The Kindergarten class from St. Bernard.
Before going home they sang us a song:
"The sun makes the hay..."
so, so cute! 

Isabelle was very excited to see HER teacher for next year! 

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