Monday, May 30, 2011

Blue Striped Two-Timed Hand-Me-Down Tank-Top Up-cycle


That was a mouthful! 

My modest little model~

Elizabeth had this tank-top given to her from an older friend- it was getting a wee bit tight. Hence, the "two timed".

I originally thought I could just move the buttons on the straps and shorten it up.  Then I realized the buttons were sewed on...

I cut the straps off the chest band really, really close to the seam.  I did not have to open the seam to hide where I cut. (score!)

I serged up both side seams, taking off just enough that it didn't look "sloppy" on her.

Trying it on so I could measure where to sew down the straps....

We decided to make it a halter!

*I love those little shoulder blades!*

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