Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring Green Top

Rae over at "Made by Rae" completely inspired me to do some selfish sewing last weekend.  That, and hating everything in my closet.  Rae is the lovely host of:

You can check her out by clicking on the button above, or her name over there on the right with all the other  fabulous blogs I follow.

I first scoured my closet for anything I liked, and thought looked good.  Being a "bigger" girl, I wanted to make a style I felt comfortable in.
I stumbled across this pattern on ebay:

and thought I could make it work.

After two hours in Joanns, I found this really great fabric.  It is a beautiful green color, but what really sold me was how it felt.  It is a very soft cotton labeled "Lisette".

My "Spring Green Top"

I am pretty pleased with the way it turned out.  Loving the way it feels on!

I'm not very comfortable altering patterns unless I've made one according to the directions first. (Weird, I know.  I also have to clean the bathrooms before I clean the kitchen.  I blame my Mother.)  But, I didn't really want a top like the pattern, so out on a limb I went. 

The blouse in the photo looked really long, so I shortened it up. (after comparing to blouse in my closet)

I also wanted short sleeves, it's spring folks!  (finally)

I've never sewn this kind of neckline before, and as it turned out... the opening went all the way to my belly button, so I had to sew it up.

The fabric wanted to snag a little, but after switching to one of my super sharp needles, it worked up perfectly.

A few weeks ago, T. asked me if I had seen the sewing foot that made a rolled hem.
Turns out I have two.  Different sizes.
After watching a few youtube videos, I think I've got the hang of it.

Works like a charm!

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islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

good call on the alterations

Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Love, love, love it! (And my favorite color to boot!) I have one of those feet. Never knew what it was for. Hmmm...might have to give it a whirl!

the shark said... Best Blogger Tips

I've used it on every single project since learning how to use!

info said... Best Blogger Tips

Wish we lived closer, I would love to give sewing a whirll, but I am clueless. I rely too much on my Mom for all of it!!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I love it! Too cute!