Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What's with the Gangsta?

Sunday evening Elizabeth and Isabelle were in our church's production of "Camel Lot". William wanted to be a camel, turns out there was not a camel in the lot. ha ha aha. sorry. But really. No camels.

Elizabeth had a speaking part and a singing solo. She was Fabulous! It amazes me how she can remember so much stuff. And the singing? We have to credit the catholics for that!

She's in the front row, in the tan colored garb.

Isabelle was a donkey. They colored donkey faces last week in Sunday school, someone cut them out and they wore them on their heads with brown fabric costumes. She got to stand next to her friend Olivia. They kept their hands crossed the entire time. Crossing and un-crossing in typical "gangsta style". With not even a hint of a smile!

I'm pretty sure we'll be saving this video for a special occasion!

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