Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We had house guest over Christmas this year. Ryan's parents retired on the 18th of December, and are planning on spending the winter in Florida this year. (When they are not on vacation. Sounds nice doesn't it? ) They closed up their home in Mid-West Michigan, packed up the truck, and stopped by our house for a few days on their way to Tampa. Christmas Eve we had a few friends in for dinner, and then to the candlelit service at church. Christmas Eve service is a family favorite, Ryan and I have been going together since we were dating. A long, long time ago. The kids think they are pretty cool, us allowing them to hold fire and all.

Christmas Eve, after Church, ready for bed.

Isabelle, with her wooden vegetable/slicing set.

Isabelle and Daddy, discussing what gift she wants to unwrap, while Jackson helps himself!

Most days, his bottom does not offer a gift I like to receive.
And Ryan's feet really are that big. No photo re-touching here...we shoot & post raw!

With their stockings...
wonder how this photo will change over the years?
We had a fabulous Christmas with family and friends, God has filled our cup to overflowing!

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