Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Party!

Saturday was my Grandmother's Christmas party in Ohio.

There was a horse-drawn hayride...

Horrible pic of me, but Jackson loved the horses. "Dick" and "Pete".
A pinata...

All the little kids lined up for their turn at the pirate. "Because nobody is sad to hit a pirate". Good thinkin' matey.

Multiple photo ops....

I love you guys. Wanna' move to Indiana???

Lots of food.... a group of us AFTER lunch.

Just kiddin' Remember this photo from last year?

Here they are!

Babies on the outside!

Mindy & Ashley, Sarah & Jackson, Mindy & Megan, Amy & Warren, Annie & Chase.

I'm the only person who still weighs the same.

And this? This is the photo with the two little boys who's mommies didn't want anyone to know last year. Amanda & Wyatt, Beth & Tucker.

These little guys brought our family number up to 70!

And next year....


anyone else? anyone??

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Jangle said... Best Blogger Tips

oh you just had to post that pic of me! you can't even tell! and it's terrible of me!! but i'm honored to be contributing #71!