Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Decking the Halls

Elizabeth, William and Isabelle have been so anxious to get the Christmas decorations up it's just about drove Ryan and I plum mad.

We've flopped several times between a real tree, artificial, real, artificial... you get the picture. Last year we had a real one at Elizabeth's insistence, and this year she wanted an artificial. We have no idea who this person is running our home. It might not be so bad if she did the dishes, laundry and paid the bills, but she doesn't. She just tells everyone else too. (Sorry. Just needed to vent a wee bit.)

Anyhoo.... Last Friday, Ryan took the big kids to a local tree farm and cut down the fattest tree I have ever seen. They backed the truck up to the porch and rolled the porker off the truck. According to William, they left the perfect tree there.

Saturday I picked up a new tree stand, and Saturday night Ryan squeezed the fat tree through our front door and we attempted to stuff it in the stand. A few choice words, and a chainsaw later, the fat tree was back on the front porch. And again, William reminded us that the perfect tree was still at the farm.

Sunday morning Ryan stopped at the local MARSH grocery store and bought the skinniest tree I've ever seen. William wondered aloud why the perfect tree was still at the farm. Ryan quickly brought it in, easily put it in the stand, and now, the skinny tree is nicely in the front of the window in the living room.

Monday night we grabbed the Christmas tubs out of the storage room and the kids went to town. They had so much fun looking at all their ornaments, talking about each one. Who gave them what, when they made that one... fun to watch. Until they started complaining about the needles poking them, and William reminded us again that the perfect tree is still at the farm.

This is how Jackson felt about the whole thing:

Maybe it's because he has the fewest ornaments, or that his mommy decided she could not hold him and put lights on the tree at the same time...

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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

oh, poor Jackson! He can come to my house and I will hold him all night long!


Lisa (the mom) said... Best Blogger Tips

That is one skinny, tall tree. What are you doing with the porker tree? Kyle's family has this crazy tradition - each year we save the Christmas tree and light it on fire July 4th. It's honestly more fun than fireworks. Strange but true. You might consider that as the too-large trees ultimate destiny. Tell William you can get the "perfect" tree next year! (Hey...maybe it will be even MORE perfect by then!) :-)