Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Great Idea

I have been a "Family Fun" subscriber for several years now, and my favorite feature is "My Great Idea". Readers submit their best ideas for everything from how they get their kids to be grateful to eating vegetables to cutting down on dirty dishes.

Instead of submitting my great idea, I'm posting it here, to share with you my friends.
Homework with William is a challenge on my good days. Second grade spelling is really kicking our butts this year. ("cornucopia" was one of his words last week.) After sitting (not so) nicely at school for seven hours, plus a half hour commute each way, he is ready to do anything but homework.
When I saw this "Scrabble" game at the local mission for a dollar, I grabbed it up! He is now having fun creating different crosswords with his spelling words every night!

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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

FABULOUS IDEA! You are the warm, cuddly, furry monkey mommy!

Lisa (the mom) said... Best Blogger Tips

That's not a "great" idea...that's a kick-butt awesome idea. I say submit it anyway. Don't you win $25 or something? Go for it!!! (Plus, then you'll be published!) :-)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey, I can see my previous comment! Maybe YOU don't know how to view them and mine have been getting through all along!