Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break Kick-off

The kids started their spring break Friday.  It felt wonderful to sleep in. I even had a second cup of coffee.  Friday I was in love with spring break.  Tuesday night? I'm ready to break up.

But, on Friday night, we were in love, and we partied like... Girl Scouts!

Isabelle's Girl Scout (Daisy) troop and their families had the opportunity to see Disney on Ice when they came into town last Friday. I got four tickets.  Elizabeth and William think they are too cool for Disney.

Ryan wasn't to cracked up about going, so Julie went with us instead!

The show was fabulous, and we had an excellent time!

The Little Mermaid was Isabelle's favorite, and Jackson loved The Lion King.


*During the intermission, we went to stretch our legs, potty, and get a drink.  We, of course got suckered in to the "souvenir kiosks".  Jackson wanted a Mickey Mouse, and Isabelle wanted the Tinkerbell shoes and  Princess necklace. I told her to pick one. She went with the shoes. On the way back to our seats, she said to Julie: "I can't take my eyes off them!" (girl after my own heart)

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Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

That picture is so sweet, with his hands clasped.

The shoe comment? Funny!