Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday

Christ is RISEN! He is risen INDEED!

Easter Sunday is my favorite day of the year to go to church. ok, fine. I have two favorites: Easter Sunday and Christmas Eve.

After church, we had "Family Dinner" with our surrogate family. So fun to catch up with good friends, and over-eat delicious comfort food!

Sunday afternoon, Justin (our surrogate son) took the lead and hid eggs for the kids.

There was much banter over the whole ordeal.

Justin did a great job- he actually put some thought into the process, making sure Isabelle and Jackson could find some:

And then he really hid some:

Can you see it in there?!

She was fairly confident in her hunting skills. Justin made her work for them!

William, who is our best mushroom hunter found the least. He was a little disappointed.
He got over it.

Yes, those are cows in his basket.

"Smile Ibabelle"

Jackson got tired of looking...and snuggled up with Daddy.

Scoping out the loot!

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