Sunday, April 8, 2012

Angle Family Fun Day, Part 1

Angle Family Fun Day started on Thursday afternoon (2 weeks ago) with the arrival of my parents. 

Friday morning Dad took William, Isabelle and Jackson to the Topeka horse auction, and Mom spent the entire day with Elizabeth and I cleaning.

My brother Ben, sister-in-law Mindy arrived at bedtime Friday evening with their four munchkins.

My two oldest nephews came later Friday night- they are old enough to drive themselves AND bring a girlfriend! oh my.

My brother Reuben, girlfriend NaTasha and their additional two, finally got here Saturday afternoon.

Unfortunately, my baby brother and his little family could not make it. We sure missed them!

I took tons of pictures (with the wrong lense) especially of this little cutie:

Miss Ashley Jean.
 She is about 1 month younger than Jackson- and totally mothered him while she was here.  It was adorable. And she's funny. So funny.  Says the cutest things!

An early morning swing session with Papa.

This was our first time meeting Ben & Mindy's baby:

Lucas Benjamin.

Such a good natured little guy. And, he wasn't completely opposed to me holding him either!

Saturday afternoon Nana made a hopscotch grid for the kids to play on- Isabelle was completely distraught because "Nana DID NOT make it right!" oh my. 

The weather was beautiful, and we were outside most of the day- riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline, hopscotch, in and out of the playhouse. But the most exciting thing of the day? Uncle Ben fixed Jackson's Gator.

He never let's anyone else drive- but Miss Ashley can hold her own!

Jackson was smitten with my newest niece:

Princess Edy.

She is a love.

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