Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I have to do a little rewinding.  During my little blogging break, we have been busy. 

The weekend of St. Patrick's Day was our turn to host "Angle Family Fun Day".  Which means we had two intense weeks of preparation. Like cleaning. I had to clean everything I usually don't.  Like the refrigerator. And the kitchen floor.

And the air return vent at the top of the stairs.  That puppy was dirty.

I also crossed a couple of things of the extensive "to-do" list.

Like these vinyl letters I've had for almost a year.  I put them in the stairwell so that the kids can see them everyday when they come down.

I also started our 'Kids Art Gallery Wall' in our basement stairwell.

I had been just tacking up their things, and off course they were falling down and look rather disheveled.  I took them all down, wiped the walls, threw away the broken, ripped, dirty and ugly ones, and got to framing my favorites. I'm really liking the way it is shaping up.  I currently have eight more pieces to hang, and multiple ones yet to frame.  It's sure to be one of my favorite places.

*You'll have to pardon the picture quality- they are from my phone.  Elizabeth dropped my camera and broke my lense. Still have to get that fixed...

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